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Creating New Christmas Traditions With Help From Nordstrom

Disclosure:This post was sponsored by Nordstrom (omg YAY!!).  This post contains affiliate links. Read more about what that means and how it works on my Disclosure page. Thank you so much for your support!! I could never get to work with a brand as amazing as Nordstrom if it wasn’t for you all!!!

Hello friends! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And if you’re like my family then the holidays are a time to put on some soft clothes, get under cozy blankets on the couch, and watch all of the Christmas episodes of the Office together. As we get older the holiday season becomes so much more than just giving and receiving stuff. I wanted to share some ideas that will help you create awesome memories. I want you to relax, recharge, laugh, and enjoy some quality time with your family this year!

My sister, my brother-in-law, and myself all live in California and the rest of our family is still in Florida. This will be our first #ChristmasInCalifornia together and we want to celebrate with new traditions. I figured new coordinating cozy pajamas would be the first step!

Nordstrom has been my go-to for holiday shopping for YEARS. Their selection is incredible, the free shipping is amazing, they have incredible unique gifts at all different price points, and they have a great return policy if the recipient thinks the gift isn’t quite right. I even send my family my Nordstrom wish list when they ask what I want for Christmas.

Nordstrom is also known for their quality and premium brands so you know the gift you’re giving won’t disappoint. This is why I was ecstatic that Nordstrom wanted to partner with me on this post this holiday season!

The Nordstrom Gift Guides will help you find a gift for anyone. I knew “The Comfort Seeker: Prefers dressing for downtime-and dreamtime” was the place to start shopping for my family!

Christmas Pajamas

First we needed coordinating Christmas pajamas. I chose the Make + Model Flannel Girlfriend Pajamas in Burgundy Berry Annie Plaid because I thought the colors would compliment both of us.

Make + Mode Girlfriend Pajamas in Burgandy Berry Annie Plaid
Make + Mode Girlfriend Pajamas in Burgandy Berry Annie Plaid from Nordstrom

Plus the detail on the collar where they say “Night Night” umm how freaking cute is that!?!?

Detail on the embroidered collar of the pajamas says “Night Night”

For my brother-in-law Josh I got the Polo Ralph Lauren Flannel Cotton Jogger Pajama Pants in Highland Plaid/Cruise Navy because I thought the colors of the two flannels coordinated well together. I also needed to pick something that wasn’t too cutesy so he wouldn’t rebel against the inevitable Instagram photo shoot lol.

Polo Ralph Lauren Flannel Cotton Jogger Pajama Pants in Highland Plaid/Cruise Navy

You might notice that while these pajamas both give you a hint of a Christmas vibe, they’re not full on “These are my Christmas Pajamas.” I wanted something we could look cute in all year long and I think I found the perfect pieces!

A few other options that I considered were from PJ Salvage. Last year my boss got me a Nordstrom gift card for Christmas and I got the softest PJ set ever from PJ Salvage that I still wear and get compliments on! They’re like the best travel PJs- cozy, warm, not see through, makes you look like an adult that owns pajamas, etc.

PJ Salvage Thermal Pajama Pant in Natural
PJ Salvage Thermal Pajama Pant in Natural

This PJ Salvage Thermal Pajama Pant in Natural would be the perfect gift for the beauty lover whose collection is stocked already.

Thread & Supply Wubby Fleece Pullover in Charcoal
Thread & Supply Wubby Fleece Pullover in Charcoal

This Thread & Supply Wubby Fleece Pullover looks SO comfy and like it could take you from the couch, to the grocery store (to re-stock snacks) and back to the couch again. Plus it’s on sale!

Christmas Slippers and Cozy Socks

UGG Dakota Water Resistant Slipper in Port
UGG Dakota Water Resistant Slipper in Port

I’ve purchased these UGG Dakota Water Resistant Slippers for my step mom for Christmas a few years ago and she loves them! They’re water resistant which makes them great for going to the driveway to get the Nordstrom package that just got delivered and then you guessed it, back to the couch.

UGG Classic Mini Boot in Black
UGG Classic Mini Boot in Black

My sister got my brother-in-law the UGG Classic Mini Boot in black for Christmas a few years ago and it’s his go-to for lounging and quick errands. He’s a surfer so they’re good on the beach on chilly days. You can see them in my Thanksgiving Just the Three of Us Vlog YouTube video.

My sister asked for UGG boots last year and I thought my little boot ornament I found and added to it was a pretty adorable touch!

Gifts I wrapped for Christmas last year including a boot ornament around my sister's UGG boots.
Gifts I wrapped for Christmas last year including a boot ornament around my sister’s UGG boots.

I had already felt the Nordstrom Butter Crew Socks in store, so I knew I needed a pair to complete my cozy Christmas outfit. These socks are insanely soft!! This is another great gift at a great price.

Nordstrom Butter Crew Socks in Black Marled
Nordstrom Butter Crew Socks in Black Marled

Christmas Cozy Accessories

Almost every gift guide I see always includes the Kennebunk Bliss Plush Throw by Nordstrom at Home so I figured it was time I tried it out to see what all the hype was about! I chose the vanilla color to match with my pink and white winter wonderland holiday decor– plus it will work year round! The price really is great for gifting too. The quality and softness level did not disappoint!

Kennebunk Bliss Plush Throw by Nordstrom at Home
Kennebunk Bliss Plush Throw by Nordstrom at Home

I was also tempted to get the Sheared Stripe Faux Fur Throw by Nordstrom at Home which is also priced right at under $50. I love a faux fur moment.

Sheared Stripe Faux Fur Throw by Nordstrom at Home
Sheared Stripe Faux Fur Throw by Nordstrom at Home

Am I the only weirdo that likes to have a lip balm on hand while binge watching TV? I needed to stock up on my new favorite the Kopari Coconut Lip Glossy. This stuff tastes amazing, it’s great on it’s own or over or under lipstick, and it actually sinks in and moisturizes your lips. I thought this Kopari Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe Set looked super cute and I wanted to see what this Coconut Lip Scrubby was all about!

Kopari Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe Set with full-sized Coconut Lip Scrubby and Coconut Lip Glossy
Kopari Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe Set with full-sized Coconut Lip Scrubby and Coconut Lip Glossy

Games and Puzzles

My family is full of competitive gamers so summers at the lake and holidays at home include lots of board and card games. These are awesome for creating great memories. My siblings still won’t let me forget how terribly I hummed the 007 theme song in a game of Cranium 8 years ago. We even went old school and played 20 Questions on a long car ride recently.

I love that Nordstrom sells one of my new favorites – Catan! If your family is all business and loves a good negotiation then this game is for you. I thought it was for nerds and I was right, but I was just in denial about how big of a nerd I am. I even downloaded this game on my phone after because I couldn’t get enough!

Catan Board Game
Catan Board Game

If your family is more active or a bunch of sports lovers this ‘Football’ Bean Bag Toss Game by Oniva aka Cornhole. This is such a great price too you get 2 boards, 6 bean bags, and a travel case for under $100!

Football Bean Bag Toss Game aka Cornhole by Oniva
Football Bean Bag Toss Game aka Cornhole by Oniva

If your family is the trivia type this I Should Have Known That Party Trivia Card Game would be a great stocking stuffer. I love games like this that are easy to travel with and bring to parties as well.

I Should Have Known That Party Trivia Card Game by Hygge Games
I Should Have Known That Party Trivia Card Game by Hygge Games

Another family favorite activity- a good old fashioned puzzle. This Women in Science Jigsaw Puzzle is so freaking cute!! I just got the corresponding book off my friend’s baby registry for her. Puzzle’s are awesome because they allow you to dip out of awkward political conversations with relatives or just give you something to do when all of the eating and sitting getting boring.

Women In Science Jigsaw Puzzle
Women In Science Jigsaw Puzzle

My sister went to a holiday party at a friend’s house last year where they did a puzzle competition and I thought that was such a fun idea!

Another favorite memory maker for get togethers- a karaoke machine! This one connects via bluetooth to any device. My karaoke faves? Will Smith “Miami” and more recently Dolly Parton “9 to 5.”

ISM1030BT Stand-Up Bluetooth Karaoke Machine

Last year I had my family play a game I found online. For it, you wrap a gift up as many times as possible with the paper overlapping. It’s a great way to use up wrapping paper scraps. You get in a circle with everyone playing and one person is given 2 dice to roll. The person to the right of them is given the present and they try to unwrap the present using oven mitts. When the person rolling the dice gets doubles, the person unwrapping the gift must hand over the oven mitts and pass the present. Whoever finishes opening the present gets to keep it. I used fireworks so that it would be fun for everyone!

Shows and Movies to Binge Watch

Once you’re in your soft clothes obviously it’s time to settle in with a good series! I’m loving The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime and 90 Day Fiance which I watch on the TLC Go app. Saturday Night Live and The Office are 2 shows my whole family is always down to watch.

For Thanksgiving we watched Crazy Rich Asians which was amazing and made me want to read the next 2 books. I also forced them to watch Troop Beverly Hills which is a hilarious campy movie from the 80s and the ultimate story of resilience, being yourself despite what others think, and bringing a little glam to everything you do.

For Christmas movies my favorites are National Lampoon’s Christmas VacationHome Alone, and Scrooged. Growing up we’d usually watch action movies (i.e. Batman) or Jaws on Christmas Eve, anyone else do that?! Is my life incomplete because I haven’t watched Die Hard on Christmas? I also watched and loved Planes, Trains and Automobiles last year if you’re looking for a good classic Christmas comedy.

My favorite terrible Christmas movies are 12 Dates of Christmas, Holiday in Handcuffs, and Christmas Cupid.

Cozy Christmas Couch Snacks

If you saw my Trader Joe’s Haul & Reviews Winter 2018 YouTube video then you know I think the ultimate store bought holiday treat is Trader Joe’s Jingle Jangle.

I also love a salted caramel hot cocoa or peppermint hot cocoa. Are you team whipped cream or team mini marshmallows?

What are your favorite Christmas traditions? Let me know in the comments! @nordstrom#nordstrom

Christmas on a Budget Easy DIY Gifts People Will Love and Cherish

I’ve been having so much fun making YouTube videos lately! When I asked on Instagram what is the hardest part about adulting the #1 answer was money honey! Bills, loans, budgets, etc! So I thought we could start with some holiday money mindset chit chat.

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Lugg App Review

Hello gorgeous people! If you’re following me on Instagram ( @blushinginhollywood ) you would know that I recently had a big move! After 7 years of living in Hollywood I have moved into an apartment in Beverly Hills. That’s right we’re #blushinginBH now! I used the app Lugg for moving and it was super simple and efficient. I also scheduled last minute with no issues.

I’ve since used the Lugg app 2 more times to move some furniture. I included reviews about those experiences as well. I love outsourcing. Check out my YouTube video all about my Lugg app experience:

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5 Gifts Your Fella Will Love

Shopping for your significant other is a rewarding experience. On one hand, the process itself is filled with love (from you!) and on the other, your fella is going to be gifted something he adores. He’ll probably love you more, too. But shopping for specific people isn’t always easy. We all have different tastes, affinities, wants, and needs, and finding the right gift can quickly become a burden. 

Rest assured that this list will provide you with some gifts your fella is sure to love. As you start to think about what to get him, perhaps make it timely, being that the winter season is upon us. 


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Nordstrom Fall Sale 2018

I live for a Nordstrom sale. I can sit on a couch clicking through all 800 of the pages lol. I tried to make sure these items were available in most sizes, but if you’ve shopped a Nordstrom sale before you know things go FAST so if you’re even thinking of buying it, just grab it. If you don’t have time to search through every page or just want to see my top picks for the Nordstrom Fall Sale 2018 then here we go!



Tory Burch Brooke Knee High Boot $333.66 I love the placement of the little Tory Burch logo on these!! These boots are chic and classic you’d get YEARs of use out of them.

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How to Get Picture-Perfect Skin for your Wedding Day

From the bachelorette party to the dress, the venue to the catering, planning a wedding is enough to drive anyone mad. A bride-to-be must learn how to let go of some things, knowing she can only control so much. But there’s one domain where she has complete control and ought to take the reins sooner than later. Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day. The event itself takes a lot of planning, but your skin should be a priority. Be kind to yourself and invest in that picture-perfect skin you’ve always wanted.  

Reduce Stress 

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DIY IKEA RAST Nightstand

I saw this DIY IKEA RAST Nightstand on Classy Clutter and became OBSESSED. I NEEDED it. I’m not super confident in my DIY skills. I mess up approximately 100% of projects I attempt. Luckily I had some friends encourage me along the way! If I can do this, literally anyone can. Plus my DIY Ikea ALEX Vanity is my most popular post of all time, so I figured you all would like to know more! Continue reading DIY IKEA RAST Nightstand

How to Be More Attractive

So I’ve been reading through lots of Reddit posts on r/dating and r/dating_advice to look for some patterns. One that keeps popping up is guys think the only way for them to be more attractive is by working out. Or making more money. Other then that it’s all genetics and they have absolutely no control.

As a woman I’m bombarded with ads of products that will make me more attractive. Advertising tells me there’s billions of ways for me to improve my beauty. I guess men haven’t had that same message their entire lives. So here you go men (all humans really), here’s all the secrets to being more attractive.

Be More Attractive Physically

First I want to clarify something. Women are not as obsessed with looks as men are. We really and truly are looking at more than your face, body, and bank account. We see the whole picture. You do not have to have a 6 pack or a perfect beach body to be successful on a dating app or dating online.

In fact, there are some women that are turned OFF by chiseled bodies because they feel intimidated or like they would be judged. I don’t want to date a huge body builder because if a man is eating and working out all day, how is he going to give me as much attention as I need??

Want to look more attractive physically? Try these:

  • Update your hair cut
  • Change your facial hair
  • Improve your skin – wash it every morning and night with a gentle cleanser. I like the CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser. Use sunscreen on your face every day. Use a retinol at night. Start slow with 1-2 times a week and work up to nightly. Just like most good things in life, consistency is important. If you have lots of acne scars or acne start getting facials regularly.
  • Improve your smile – Brush and floss your teeth regularly.  Use Crest Whitestrips to whiten your teeth (this is my best tip for looking more attractive immediately, looking better in photos, and looking younger). Straighten your teeth with braces or Invisalign. Always brush your teeth before leaving the house. Carry gum and/or mints on you.
  • Eat healthy – Feed yourself like a grown up. Know how to make simple meals. Show that you are capable of taking care of yourself and that you care about your appearance.
  • Workout – This will improve your mood, give you more energy, increase your confidence, and get you more in touch with and more comfortable with your body.
  • Have impeccable hygiene – Daily or twice a day showers (omg what a dream to not have to wash/blow dry your hair… I would take so many more showers)
  • Clean up your hands and feet – Short, clean nails. No crazy calluses. Get a manicure and pedicure if you have to (you’ll enjoy it trust me).
  • Moisturize your skin – If it’s dry or flakey make sure you’re not using a soap that’s striping all of the oils out of your skin. Switch to a moisturizing body wash and put lotion on after you get out of the shower will your skin is still damp.
  • Posture – If yours is not good, work on it. Practice. Stand tall.
  • Get new clothes – Ones that fit you well, are good quality, and can be worn on dates.
  • Smell Amazing – Have great hygiene and then use perfume/cologne to smell even better. Suggested reading: How To Smell Sexy ; Men Love This Perfume on Women

Sound More Attractive

Dating on Bumble as a Millennial Video

So my friend Rachel is getting her Masters at USC and asked if she could interview me all about Bumble and dating as a millennial. I said sure! And she really blew me away with how amazing the video came out!

Here’s her description: “Dating organically is a thing of the past, the new trendy and relevant way to meet the love of your life is through dating apps.  Specifically Bumble has taken off as a successful and woman run company over the last few years. It urges its female users to initiate conversation and even holds events regularly for their members. I will follow Lindsay Cockburn, a doctor and blogger, in search of love in Los Angeles county, to a bumble event, where she will eat, drink, work out and possibly mingle. Then interview her about the new way of bumble app dating, the upsides and challenges that she encounters and why she feels this is necessary to meet new people in today’s society.”

Bumble Los Angeles Events

This was actually my 2nd Bumble event and I went to a 3rd, a Happy Hour Mixer at Crustacean Beverly Hills, later that week and it was fabulous. Bumble hosts amazing events! If you want to find out when the next event will be check out the Bumble Los Angeles Facebook Page.

Here’s some photos I posted on my Instagram @blushinginhollywood from the Bumble X Bloggers Who Brunch LA event 5/27/18 at the Americana in Glendale.

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Blushing in Hollywood Turns Four

OMG 4 years!!

Blushing in hollywood turns 4

Reflecting on our lives is so crucial! When we don’t we can forget just how far we have come!! Although I am eternally feeling guilty about neglecting my blog, my oh my has she grown! You can check out my very first blog post with a few bullet points on why I started the blog here: #tbt.

Best of 2018

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