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Does this sound like you?

    • I want to try online dating or dating apps, but I’m intimidated by the process.
    • I tried online dating, but I found it overwhelming and like a second job.
    • I go on dates and they’re not BAD, they just aren’t good.
    • I’ve been online dating for years and I feel burnt out and discouraged by the process. Maybe I’m just meant to be a single cat lady.
    • I go on a date and finally feel like I have a connection with someone and then I never hear from them again.
    • What’s the point of online dating- after matching with people all I hear is crickets.

If you’re new to dating apps and online dating

Who has the time to fiddle with these apps and try to figure them all out? Starting off strong with the right online dating apps, an excellent profile, and the skills to turn matches into dates will save you tons of time and energy. You can streamline the process of going from knowing nothing about online dating to meeting the kind of matches you want and finding love.

You’re welcome to muddle through the process, spend hours on the apps with nothing to show for it, and worry about getting catfished or scammed. Or you can learn the skills and techniques right up front and do it right the first time.

It will take work on your part, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. If you think you may need an excel spreadsheet to keep track of everyone you’re talking to on dating apps, you’re doing it wrong.

Let’s work together to help you achieve your dating and relationship goals. Let’s make this process as simple and enjoyable as it can be. Your time is valuable and healing after bad online dating experiences is no joke. Let’s do it right the first time. I love efficiency.

If you’ve been online dating for a while

What needs to change? Your dating mindset and your strategy.

When you’ve been online dating for years you can start relentlessly questioning yourself (and well meaning friends and family members may join in). Are you being too picky? Are your standards too high? Surely you should have met someone by now and settled down if you were really lovable.

Then there’s the toll dating takes on your self esteem. Feeling like you’re getting rejected over and over chips away at your confidence. You thought you were smart, attractive, successful, educated, with a great life, but if that was true why aren’t any of your dates seeing that? Plus the only thing all of your dates have in common is they’re going out with youso clearly you are the problem.

Let’s work together to hit the reset button on your dating mindset.

Having dating shape your perception of your self, your self worth, or your lovability has fucked you up. It’s not working for you and it’s attracting even more F-boys. Your fear + time passed may have led you to feelings of desperation (your biological clock is ticking!). Bad ┬ádates can smell the rejection on you and are attracted to you like flies. Let’s hit reset, shed this layer of BS, and find the real you that’s buried beneath it.

How can you stay positive given your past experiences? How can you stay motivated and keeping dating? How can you choose going out on yet another drinks date with a stranger when your couch is so comfy and there’s a new show on Netflix for you to binge? Let me guide you on how you can get yourself ready to give dating another shot.

Who I CAN’T Help With Dating Coaching

Change doesn’t happen from thoughts, it happens from action. You my friend, are going to have to take action. I can’t literally go on dates for you. You have to be open to change and ready to try something new. You’re going to have to feel the discomfort of doing things in a new way and lean into it. Working through discomfort is how we grow and change. The only way out is through.

Maybe you’ve been at this for years and have been burned so many times you can’t even count. As long as there’s a little voice of hope in the back of your head saying “despite all of this evidence to the contrary, I know online dating could lead to positive things in my life, and help me finding a relationship and love” then I can help you.

How I Can Help You With Dating Coaching

Some of the things we can work on together:

  • Picking the right photos
  • Writing your “about me” section
  • What to write when messaging first
  • How to keep conversations going
  • Who to swipe right on
  • What matches are worth your time
  • How to spot a scammer or catfish
  • Prevent mailbox overwhelm
  • Stop getting stuck with pen pals and start going on dates
  • Online dating etiquette – how to reject someone, decline a date, or respond to a message without hurting someone’s feelings
  • Dating mindset to get you open to love and protecting your heart at the same time
  • How to stay motivated and positive with dating
  • Getting yourself back out there
  • Fear of rejection
  • Not letting past bad experiences hold you back

Skype/Video Dating Coaching Sessions

Personalized calls where we can work on everything from building your dating profile from the ground up to resetting your dating mindset and strategy tips that will lead to more dates with more quality matches. We will refresh your profile and your mindset and give you an action plan so you know what steps to take next. Contact me to find out more.

Why pay for Dating Coaching?

Paying for dating coaching tells your brain and the universe that you are ready for change. You are taking thoughts and putting them into action. You are ready to stop spinning your wheels and wasting your time. You’re ready to go out with quality matches. You will raise your vibration and attract the people you actually want to date.

Sure you could have your therapist, mom, or friend help you out with online dating, but if they don’t have extensive online dating experience in the last 3 years then I’m sorry they just won’t be able to give you the right advice. Things have changed. I know because I’ve been doing this for more than 10 years now. The skills required for dating online are not the same that your friend Becky needed when she married her college sweetheart 5 years ago.

You’re busy. You’re working on your career, taking care of your body by working out and eating healthy, traveling, spending time with friends and family, working on your side hustle, enjoying your hobbies, etc. Let’s get you from single to dating in the easiest and least painful way possible because you don’t have time or energy for any BS.

How much would you pay to get back the years you’ve already spent online dating and trade them for time spent in a committed, loving relationship? When you put off dating it’s just going to take you THAT much longer to get to your goal of finding someone. Wouldn’t that be awesome if it happened sooner rather than later?? Stop putting it off. If it’s important to you make it the priority it deserves to be, invest the time and effort, and reap the rewards.

In order to get a results you’ve never had, you’re going to have to approach the process in a way you haven’t tried. Let’s make this happen. I’m ready, are you?

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