Dating Red Flags

Here’s some dating red flags that I’ve ignored in the past:

Dating Red Flags

  1. Says he doesn’t have a Facebook profile even though you already Googled him and know damn well he has a Facebook page. Not having a Facebook page is a yellow/orange flag in and of itself so proceed with caution. Also if they are on a dating app, they have to have a Facebook profile.
  2. You haven’t met (m)any of his friends. This isn’t an accident. If you’ve been dating for a while or are in a relationship, that should be progressing and you should be becoming a bigger part of his life and meeting his friends and family. If he doesn’t have any friends this is another red flag.
  3. He ignores Valentine’s Day. Life is short if he can’t get excited and show gratitude to the person he loves or likes or cares about on this one day, then what are you even doing??
  4. He tells you he’s not looking for a relationship. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LISTEN TO THIS. You will not change his mind. On to the next one.
  5. You see him less than 3 times per month. He’s either dating someone else or wants to be dating someone else. No one on Earth is that busy.
  6. You haven’t seen his place or met his dog. He’s hiding something or doesn’t see a future with you.
  7. He lies. He says he’s 6’5, but seems to be more like 6’3. He told you his name, but you see a different name on his mail. He tells you a crazy story that ends in his friend punching someone, then tells you the same story a few days later and this time it ends with him punching someone. He said he runs a pharmacy and learned all of the science not by taking classes, but by just studying and passing the test at the end of the class. A yellow flag version of this is paying for dates with a business credit card and telling you it’s fine they’re all tax write-offs.
  8. He never drives anywhere. This typically means he has a DUI and can’t drive or has a drinking problem and can’t go out without drinking.
  9. He knows lots of people at every bar you go to. Again, probably has a drinking problem or is a partier and is not ready to change.
  10. Your communication falls off a cliff. This is a big signal that things are about to change. You can usually feel this one in your gut and it sucks. If you are not exclusive this is when I recommend to start actively seeking out new people to date.

Now these may seem like obvious red flags, but it can be hard when someone is telling you constantly how much they like you or is giving you what seems like valid excuses. Sometimes it can feel like your chemistry and compatibility are just so undeniable that it makes these other things seem like tiny issues that aren’t important, but always listen to your gut!


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