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Paris – Tuileries Garden, Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees

So we left off at the Louvre and let me start this post with my #1 tip I learned about traveling in Europe: walk to as many places as humanely possible when it’s not raining because you never know when it will rain (or stop) and when you’ll have the chance to see some thing or place in person again. It’s so hard when you’re going to a new city to get an idea of just how far away things are from each other so I hope these maps are handy. In Paris, Molly and I hit some of the biggest sites all on day one and by foot! Here’s a map of the places we went:


The teal spots represent the ones I talked about in my previous Paris post (the hotel we stayed at Maxim Folies, Cafe Pinson, and The Louvre Museum). In this post I’ll be showing you what we saw after that (the red spots). Right next to the Louvre is the gorgeous-

Tuileries Garden

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