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How To Smell Sexy

Welcome to another installment of the Sexy Series today I’m going to talk about something very important- how to smell sexy. Now for some this may seem like common sense, but even I have had to search a bit to find perfumes, lotions, etc. that smell sexy.

Make Your Skin and Hair Smell Sexy

You want to start at the same place we started when making our homes sexy– cleaning. Guys you should be showering before a date because it takes you about 3 seconds. Ladies you don’t have to wash your hair before every date (who has time for that??), but if your date does fall on a day that you will be lathering up some sexy smelling drugstore shampoo I recommend is John Frieda Full Repair (this also has great reviews BTW). Victoria Secret used to have a line of hair care products called So Sexy that did in fact smell incredibly sexy and elicited many compliments, but unfortunately it’s not available anymore (except for on Amazon and Ebay).

An unexpected place to find sexy scents- Bath and Body Works. Ok don’t laugh I swear this is some of the best stuff for smelling sexy! You may not have stepped into Bath and Body Works since middle school, but they really have some great products that you need to rediscover. One that my BFF introduced me to was the scent Twilight Woods. One the website they describe the scent as “The warmth and mystery of enchanted woods with an enticing blend of apricot nectar, mimosa petals & Tuscan cypress” and I would agree and say it smells warm, sweet, and sultry. I have most of the products available in this scent (body wash, body scrub, body spray, candle), but I especially make sure to use the lotion before a date because it’s super moisturizing, the scent is strong enough that you can actually smell it, and it pairs well with most of my perfumes.

Bath and Body Works also has excellent candles and if you love cologne-type smells or if you’re a man and want your home to smell nice and masculine check out “Mahogany Teakwood“. Even that name makes me think of a lumberjack with a beard. I love this scent so much I have it in my room and car as well. Continue reading How To Smell Sexy

Sexy Series – Making Your Home Sexy

Welcome to a new mini-series here on Blushing in Hollywood all about how to make and keep things sexy in your relationship. If you are single and dating these tips are also going to be very helpful. I think people can get in a rut where your partner starts to feel just like a buddy and while that has it’s pros too, it’s important to keep the romance alive. I’m going to start with how to make your home sexy. First of all, a clean home is a sexy home so this is going to take some work on your part. The good news is that it’s your home so you’ll reap the benefits even when the date is over.

Cleaning – This is not a fun chore, but I do love having friends and dates over because it forces you to clean your place.

1. Bathroom Basics: Put away anything you don’t want the other person to see- medications, your enormous makeup collection, etc. Clean around the sink area and the mirror. Close the shower curtain/shower door (make sure the shower is clean if you think someone might be taking one).

Clean up all the hair- bread trimmings in the sink, dust bunnies in the corner, clumps in the shower on the wall or in the drain. Make sure there is a (recently emptied) garbage can that is lined and preferably that has a lid because this is important if you’re going to have a lady over who needs to throw lady things away.

There should be at least one rug in your bathroom and a towel on the floor doesn’t count. You should own at a minimum 4 bath towels, but preferably more (the best place to find the cheapest ones is at TJ-Maxx type stores). There also needs to be a place for the towels to hang to dry.

There should be soap (preferably liquid not bar) near the sink for washing hands and you should own hand towels for drying hands. There should be plenty of toilet paper on the holder and extra in an easily accessible location. Throw away the empty rolls. Have a container of flushable wipes out and available.

Bathroom Extras: Mouthwash with tiny cups and spare (new obviously) toothbrushes. A nice candle burning.

Guys- make sure there is conditioner in the shower if you think your girl is going to take one because 98% of us use it or just go ahead and buy girly shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a loofah in the travel section at Target for us.

If you don’t want her to ruin your towels with makeup, you may want to have some clean washcloths handy (or check out How to Gently Remove Makeup and Stop Ruining Your Towels).

Have some common medications on hand like Tylenol, allergy meds (especially if you have a pet), etc.

Worst things I’ve/my friends have seen in a bathroom: No toilet paper, no towel, no/broken door for the bathroom(!!?), overflowing trash can, easily visible condom wrappers in the trash can, toothbrush or toothpaste somewhere that looks dirty, guy peeing in my toilet and not only leaving the seat up but not flushing, hoarding a disturbing amount of books and magazines by the toilet.

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