What to Bring to Coachella

Last year I posted about What to Wear to Coachella and today I’m back with some super practical tips (that’ I’ve updated for 2017!) about

What to Bring to Coachella:

        • Flushable wipes and hand sanitizer. Even the VIP port-o-potties are nasty and you will be so pleased with yourself when all of the bathrooms run out of toilet paper.
        • Phone charger and extra phone batteries– If you forget these things, don’t waste your time trying to Snapchat all of Coachella your phone will die pretty much immediately. Put it on airplane mode and only turn on your service a few times a day to check for texts. I love my trusty Anker PowerCore+ mini 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger.

      • If you separate from friends pick a unique meeting place (i.e. not “the beer garden” because there’s several) and a time. If you send a text include a time stamp in your text “It’s 12:15 meet me at 1:30 at the Cool Haus truck” because texts don’t always go through immediately so if you just say “meet me in 15 minutes” you might miss each other.
      • You can also take a photo or screen shot of “This phone belongs to (Your Name Here) if found please contact (Friend’s name) at (phone number)” and save it as your lock screen in case you lose your phone.
      • Sunscreen!! Don’t get a bunch of age spots or a terrible sunburn! I like Paula’s Choice SPF 50 for my face, Peter Thomas Roth Powder SPF50 for touch ups/reapplying sunscreen to my face throughout the day.


    • Sunglasses– If it gets windy and dusty you’re going to be happy you have sunnies shielding you a bit. I brought a cheap pair in case I lost them or they got broken. For affordable sunglasses I’m currently loving my Quay Australia x Desi Perkins High Key mirrored aviators.
      • iconCash! Always a great idea when you travel anywhere, but especially a festival since there will be food places that don’t take credit cards.
      • Either buy a water bottle when you get there to refill or bring a refillable water bottle. Between the sun beating down on you in the desert and the booze you do not want to get dehydrated and pass out! The S’Well ‘Palm Beach’ Stainless Steel Water Bottle will look adorable in the desert, BUT you’re only allowed to bring plastic non-metal bottles so only take this one with you to the after parties.
    • iconA plastic re-usable non-metal water bottle you can actually bring into the venue like this cute band.do ‘After This, We’re Getting Pizza’ plastic water bottle.icon


    • Flower crowns are super fun and “so Coachella” and if you’re looking for them last minute like I was- head to the most suburban mall and get ready to feel nostalgic because the best flower crowns can be found at Icing.
    • A light jacket or flannel– The temperature gets low at night and you’re going to want something to keep you warm. Even if you don’t think you’ll be there too late it’s a very long walk back to the car or to get an Uber.
    • Glow sticks– Always a fun idea AND you can get them at the Dollar Store! Plus if you get more unique ones (I think I bought pink and purple glow wands) it makes it easier to find your friends at night. I love these LED Flashing Hair Barrettes too.

If you want a variety pack of bandanas I own this set from Amazon that comes with 12 and love the variety.

  • A good attitude. You’re going to wait in lines, you’re going to be in crowds, things aren’t going to be comfortable or go your way all weekend long. If you forget this one at home don’t worry, one of my favorite parts about attending Coachella were how the people working the event treat you. They are like baby angels radiating sunshine and joy it really makes the experience awesome.

I went to Coachella in 2014 and it was a really awesome experience so get excited if you have tickets! Be sure to follow my gorgeous friend Marci on Instagram (@MarciBeth87) who is in the picture at the top of this post. I felt like it was the quintessential “Coachella” pic and she was sweet enough to let me use it. You might remember Marci from way back when she changed all of our lives by teaching us how to get the perfect ponytail.


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