Here’s some information about how I make some from my blog. I have a full-time job and my blog is my hobby. Just like most hobbies, it costs me money. I have to pay for web hosting, software, equipment, etc. I spend much more money on my blog than I make from it. I try to find great opportunities to make back some of that money so I can keep investing more money into the blog and continue to improve it.

I want to be as transparent as possible in the ways I’m doing this so you know you can trust me and my reviews and recommendations. I cannot stand when bloggers and YouTubers mention products and don’t say they were sent to them/PR mail/paid to review them. I would love for companies to send me stuff, but I would never pretend like it didn’t happen because I think that’s dishonest.

When you click on ads or affiliate links and buy things you are supporting my blog (and my shopping habits) and my bank account thanks you. You won’t be paying extra for the item, the advertiser pays me out of the regular cost of the item you purchase.

If you don’t want to support me then you can Google the names of items I link on my blog and click on the links you find on Google, simple as that. I also wanted to include this info to help other up and coming bloggers learn different ways they can make money from blogging. Check out my post on how to start a blog or website.


On my side bar and between posts I sometimes have ads. If you click on these ads I may earn some money. There are also ads before, during, and/or after some of my YouTube videos which earns me money as well. I get my ads from YouTube, Google Adsense, Amazon, Ebates, and Rakuten/Link Synergy.

Affiliate Links

Some of my blog posts contain affiliate links. Affiliate links mean if you click a link of a product on my blog and buy it the advertiser will know the traffic is sent from my website and I may earn a small percentage of revenue (aka they pay me) after you complete the purchase. I may make money even if you purchase an item that I linked to, but click the link then wander shop over to any other item and buy it.

Most of my affiliate links are from Amazon Associates. This works out for me because I shop a lot on Amazon so I would be linking the same product anyway and this is a way to make back some of the money it costs me to run this blog. I have an Amazon Visa credit card where I make points that become money so I can buy more stuff on Amazon. It’s a vicious cycle. Then I had Amazon Prime because I hate paying for shipping Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial of Prime.

Other affiliate advertisers I work with: Girl Get Glamorous Hair, DHC Beauty, Kendo- Kat Von D Beauty, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Nordstrom.com, Paula’s Choice Skincare, Sephora BR,  and several more. I have a lot of Nordstrom links because I freaking love Nordstrom and spend a lot of money there.
Giuseppe Zanotti Design
Francesca’s Collections”
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Lilly Pulitzer


I link Ebates a lot on my blog because I personally use it and it’s what currently makes me the most money (from referrals). I get $5 for every person that signs up for Ebates using my link and makes a purchase. I get a bonus if they spend more than $25 using Ebates and more bonuses depending on how many people I get to sign up in a given period of time. I’ve explained how Ebates works in this post. Ebates doesn’t cost any money for you to use.


The vast majority of makeup, skin care items, clothes, jewelry, and other items posted or recommended I buy with my own money. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to get a free gift from a company. I try to let you know when that happens. Even though I try to not let that influence my review, as a human being it’s impossible for it to not make me the teeniest bit biased.

Sometimes I get invited to parties and they give me gift bags. I may post about those companies and the parties as my way of thanking them, but they’re usually not paying me to do that.

Paid Posts

Occasionally someone pays me to write a post or to post a guest post that links back to their website to help with their web traffic. I will let you know if someone has compensated me by including the word “sponsored” in the disclosure. This includes tweets/Instagram/blog posts/Facebook posts, etc.

If you ever have a question about anything I post or my affiliation with a company please feel free to comment or email me and ask me about it and I’m happy to answer and then edit to clarify for everyone else on the post. I’m a tiny baby blogger and I’m not getting rich anytime soon from this blog. Your trust means a lot more to me than money an advertiser would give me. I appreciate your support!

If you want to work with me please email me: