All About PDO Thread Lifting What You Need to Know

PDO Thread Lift Before and After

Hi everyone! We have an amazing guest post today all about a procedure that I find incredibly intriguing – PDO Thread Lifting! I posted about a certain Real Housewife on my Instagram stories who swears up and down that she has never had a facelift. She says when could I have done a facelift- I have no downtime! A friend replied and said that’s probably because she did PDO Thread Lifting! I hope you enjoy!

PDO Thread Lifting – A Facelift Alternative?

PDO Thread Lift Before and After
PDO Thread Lift Before and After

Up until very recently, those looking to address issues with facial skin laxity were limited to invasive facelift surgeries.

But not anymore: PDO thread lift treatments were developed as a non-invasive, skin-tightening alternative and are the latest cosmetic procedures used to effectively revitalize and rejuvenate sagging skin.

Under the expert care of a professional clinician, the minimally invasive procedure can reduce signs of ageing, improve skin texture and elasticity, and induce collagen production.

What is PDO thread?

Unlike traditional thread lifts, in which the sutures remained in the skin, a PDO thread lift utilizes Polydioxanone threads for their biodegradability and skin-strengthening qualities.

Polydioxanone is a colourless synthetic polymer that is fully biodegradable. This means that, unlike traditional thread lift sutures, PDO strands are compatible with human physiology and fully dissolve into the treatments area after four to six months.

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PDO Thread Lifting & Collagen

Despite this, the visible improvement of the treated skin will last for more than a year. This is because PDO treatments encourage the production of collagen in the skin, an essential aspect of maintaining youthful, healthy-looking skin.

Collagen induces certain growth factors in the skin that allow wounds to heal and lends the complexion a supple, voluminous look. As we age, our natural collagen production declines and the skin grows thinner, resulting in excess skin and wrinkles. This is exacerbated by the effects of gravity, which gradually pulls the skin downward, stretching it.

Because PDO thread lifts introduce much-needed collagen structure to ageing skin, they have a continually rejuvenating effect that continues long after they dissolve. The stimulation of collagen that a PDO thread lift encourages results in gradual and continual improvement in the firmness of the skin.

When the threads are placed, they activate the body’s healing response, which aims to “expel” the foreign object in the body and heal the area. This leads to increased collagen production and improved blood flow to the area, meaning that the body is effectively tricked into improving the condition of the treated area by its own means.

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Because PDO threads are so small, the patient can not feel this process. You will also no longer feel the sutures after the skin has healed.

The History of PDO Threads

Surgical facial rejuvenation dates to 1911, but the use of midface suspensions for facial augmentation is a more modern practice, dating only to 1998.

Early thread lifts utilised non-absorbable materials and, despite their performance, these did not gain popularity due to their permanence. With the introduction of  dissolvable PDO materials in 2011, thread lifts began to garner attention for their sustainable results.

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What PDO Thread Lifts Can Treat

Today, PDO thread lifts are very diverse in how they are administered and the aesthetic issues they can address. Just some of the issues PDO thread lifts can correct include:

  • Facial contouring, including jawline lifts, brow lifts, cheek enhancement, and nose augmentation
  • Skin tightening, including sagging jowls and drooping cheeks
  • Wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, cheeks, and lips
  • Reduction of pore size
  • Sagging skin of the neck and the reduction of double chins
  • Hair Rejuvenation
  • Body contouring, including upper arm, abdominal, and chest tightening, knee lifts, and cellulite issues

By combining various procedures, patients can take advantage of the various benefits of skin tightening PDO therapy to significantly improve the appearance and feel of their skin naturally.

Why is PDO Thread Lifting back in style now?

One of the greatest advantages of PDO thread lifting therapy over traditional facelift procedures is the reduced recovery time of the non-invasive procedure.

Traditional facelifts typically result in the patient missing one to two weeks of work for recovery, with the first three to four days requiring constant assistance from a caretaker. For individuals with children, childcare must also be considered.

With a PDO thread lift, however, downtime is greatly minimised, and recovery is comparatively easy. Though you may experience minimal soreness, swelling, and redness directly post-treatment, these symptoms typically only necessitate one to two days of downtime, making it simple to return to your normal routine.

Thread lifts are also much easier treatments to perform than traditional facelifts. As a result, the cost is significantly lower.

Because they are non-invasive, thread lifts are low-risk procedures. They do not represent a risk of scarring, bleeding, bruising and other issues that are typically associated with traditional facelifts.

In the rare case that a patient experiences irritation or infection, the sutures can simply be removed, allowing the skin to return to its normal state.

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