How to Get Picture-Perfect Skin for your Wedding Day

From the bachelorette party to the dress, the venue to the catering, planning a wedding is enough to drive anyone mad. A bride-to-be must learn how to let go of some things, knowing she can only control so much. But there’s one domain where she has complete control and ought to take the reins sooner than later. Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day. The event itself takes a lot of planning, but your skin should be a priority. Be kind to yourself and invest in that picture-perfect skin you’ve always wanted.  

Reduce Stress 

As legitimate as your stress may be, you cannot let it get out of hand. There’s a documented connection between stress and skin problems. When you’re stressed, your hormonal balance is thrown off. The stress hormone cortisol is pumped into your blood stream, sending a message to your brain for your skin’s sebaceous glands to secrete a greater production of sebum than usual. This sebum is the oil that, in excess, causes acne breakouts by clogging pores. 

If that’s not enough to inspire you to make changes in your life, note that stress is known to multiply and speed up signs of aging. A higher level of cortisol is also linked to weight gain. 


Eat Well

As the largest organ in your body, skin must be treated from the inside-out. After all, beauty really is only skin deep. Try consuming less alcohol in the months leading up to your big day. Alcohol causes inflammation in your body, exactly what you’re trying to avoid. Start drinking a green juice daily to reap the benefits of the anti-inflammatory, alkalizing agents you’ll find in superfoods.

Use Retinol Cream

Also known as Vitamin A, retinol is currently the most talked-about skin care miracle maker. With undeniable success in boosting collagen, the protein that keeps your skin firm, retinol has become a must for anyone with vested interest in skincare. That being said, moderation is always the best medicine. You don’t want to go overboard when applying a new cream, especially if you’ve never used retinol before. Retinol can cause a red face and even acne, especially if the initial dose is too high.


Exfoliating frees your skin from dead skin cells that need a little more than soap to disappear down the drain. Whether you use a washcloth or a scrub, exfoliation unclogs pores and allows hair follicles to come through freely. Thank exfoliating for bypassing the nightmare that is ingrown hairs, leaving your skin glowing and soft to the touch.

Get a Humidifier

As discussed with exfoliating, clogged pores are the root of skin imperfections. Keep your pores happy by increasing the moisture in the air around you. Get a humidifier for your bedroom and workspace. Also think about dedicating some time to the steam room at your favorite spa.


In the market for a radiant complexion? Then move your body. It doesn’t really matter how, so long as you do it. The ideal is every day, but try to get to the gym at least 3 times each week. Hitting the gym will have you looking your best in your wedding photos. Try a new activity if you’re not enjoying your current routine. Take a crack at kundalini yoga, which actually offers workouts designed to boost collagen.

Get your Beauty Sleep

Sleeping is the ultimate facial. It is the time for your body to recuperate and heal. Not getting enough sleep increases stress levels and diminishes your immune system’s ability to . The last thing you need is to get sick!

Dry Brush

Invest in a body brush. Like exfoliating, dry brushing rids your skin of the layer of dead cells that naturally accumulates with time. On a deeper level, dry brushing imitates muscle contractions, the only other way to flush out the lymphatic fluid responsible for removing waste from tissues. Triggering the lymphatic system is essential to removing waste from tissues. Brushing increases blood flow.

Take Cold Showers

Taking a cold shower in the morning is a time-tested yogi beauty secret. Like dry brushing and exfoliating, cold showers stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems, allowing your body to flush out toxins before you even start the day.

Visit your Dermatologist

Plan enough time in advance to get an appointment with a dermatologist you trust to discuss your goals. They can further ensure that you meet them.


Taking care of your skin means making lifestyle choices for a better you. With your wedding around the corner, it may feel like a bit of a crash course in self-care. Be patient and have fun with it. As the Paris beauty giant L’Oréal puts it: you’re worth it.

Disclosure: This collaborative post is by Holly Tomlinson.  Holly is a Los Angeles-based health and wellness writer looking to help readers make positive changes both physically and mentally. Her insightful content about healthy living, delicious recipes, and mental acuity is made for every type of reader. Years of experience as a wellness guru and numerous dietitian courses have given Holly valuable insights and strategies that she can use to help boost the accuracy and relevance of your health-related blog. This post contains affiliate links. Read more about what that means and how it works on my Disclosure page. Thank you so much for your support!!

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