My name is Lindsay and welcome to Blushing in Hollywood! I’m a 30-something living in beautiful Los Angeles, California. I have a great day job in the medical field working with kids. At night I like to research and post on the blog about fun things like Real Housewives, taking a great selfie,  my DIY Ikea ALEX vanity, and hilariously bad dates. Life is too short to not live boldly and beautifully and indulge in whatever makes you happy.

Blushing in Hollywood is a beauty, dating, and travel blog that I started in July 2014. I started the blog because I’m a product junkie who loves talking about new makeup, hair, and skin care items. I’ve had a lot of experience dating both in and outside of Los Angeles. According to my sister Hannah I’ve been dating online since before it was cool and boy do I have a few stories to tell.

The name “Blushing in Hollywood” was chosen because I love everything beauty related, my dating stories will make both of us blush, and I wear a ton of blush- it’s kind of my signature look. I’ve also lived in Hollywood since 2011. I also love helping people, making people laugh, and learning new things. I’m a huge YouTube beauty guru viewer and I also post my own videos on the Blushing in Hollywood YouTube channel. To read more about what led me to make this blog check out my first post #TBT. I strive to make posts that are interesting, informative, entertaining, and authentic. I hope you find something here that makes you smile.

Welcome to Blushing in Hollywood!


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