Blushing in Hollywood Blog Turns Three


I can’t believe it’s been over three years since I started this blog! I made my first ever infographic to mark the milestone, celebrate, and to have something to look back on!


The Name “Blushing in Hollywood”

My roommate since 2012 Kathleen (who now has her own blog The Guided Gift) came up with the name “Blushing in Hollywood.” For some reason I didn’t think about the long term consequences of including “Hollywood” in my blog’s name, but luckily I still live in the same place right in the heart of Hollywood. I still love the name and hope it can stand the test of time.

I would say that 3 years later I blush a whole lot less though. I’ve definitely become more comfortable with who I am and don’t give nearly as many fucks. I’m better at focusing my fucks on things that actually matter now. I still wear plenty of blush (usually Milani Luminoso).

First Blog Post

My first post ever was #TBT and it’s still one of my favorites! It gives some background on lots of different things in my life (beginning in childhood!) that made me want to start the blog in the first place. You can also read more about the blog’s beginnings on my About page.

The #TBT post includes what might be the only photo of my mom that’s been on the blog. What I don’t mention in the post is that it was 2 days before the 5 year anniversary of her death. My mom always supported my creativity and I think she would be really proud of my blog if she were still around.

The other important date that happens in July is 7/31 -my birthday. This year was my golden birthday (I turned 31 on the 31st-). The header pic is of me at my birthday party holding cupcakes that say *STAY*GOLDEN* btw. Birthdays really have a way of making you contemplate where you’re at and where you want to be. Lucky for me things have been really great this past year. I haven’t 100% figured out who I am, but I’m getting much closer.

I feel I’ve been going through similar soul searching for the blog (yes I realize how ridiculous that sounds). Even though this blog isn’t my “business” per se, I’ve started to think about it more from a brand perspective and have tried to focus in on my purpose. Also shout out to the amazing Alesia of LOVE/CREATE LA. I took her amazing class about Instagram and learned so much about blogging, finding my voice, and reaching my audience. I HIGHLY recommend her workshops you will not be disappointed.

What’s my mission? Why did I start the blog and why do I continue it? Who’s my audience? Honestly I’ve been thinking about this for months and still have no clue. I’m hoping writing it out in this post will be a good step in the right direction.

You Don’t Have to Try So Hard

Another one of my most favorite blog posts I’ve ever written was posted the first week I started- You Don’t Have to Try so Hard. It was about feeling inadequate because of comparing myself to unrealistic beauty standards that I’d subconsciously taken on from social media. This unfortunately is still extremely present in most of our lives 3 years later.

I still absolutely struggle with comparing myself to other bloggers who have professional photographers shooting them every weekend so they have magazine quality content to post every single day. I also still try to remind myself that I don’t have to try so hard. I like to get glam, but I also like to go out with no makeup and wear my naturally curly hair to remind people that this is what people actually look like.

Travel Posts

Speaking of comparison, my lack of travel posts absolutely correlates to my insecurities about the content I can create around the trips I take. When I think about what job I’d want if I could be anything-  Travel Blogger is one of my top picks! But yet, it is the topic I struggle the most to post about!! Every trip I try to spend so much time and energy taking photos and visiting places I can post about, and then I get home and never post them.

I’m vowing right now that I will post more travel posts. Even if I’m the only one that reads them, they’re still helpful for me to reference! In case you’re curious about where I’ve written about: Los Angeles, Palm Springs/Coachella, Paris, San Francisco, Spain, Toronto (my most popular travel post!), and Vegas.

The Blog’s Top Posts

I started the blog with the intent of having it be an extension of me and who I am- my ideas, interests, stories, recommendations, etc.  I’m so happy that my months (ok years) of research on silly things like my DIY Ikea ALEX Vanity helped me provide thorough, valuable, detailed information to help other girl’s DIY vanity dreams.

A surprise hit for me was my Sephora VIB Sale What to Buy and What to Skip. At this point the SEO helps get me tons of hits when the sale comes in both November and April every year. What can I say, I love researching a good deal.

I also love that my borderline obsession with Bravo and The Real Housewives franchises has led to two more of my most popular posts – Lisa Vanderpump’s Beauty Secrets and Erika Jayne’s Beauty Secrets. I spent many many hours researching all of these posts and I’m so glad this very important work could be shared with others.

Dating Posts

Another area that I go back and forth about in my head constantly is dating blog posts. I don’t post when I’m dating and things are going poorly because I don’t want to put negative dating energy into the universe. I don’t post when I’m dating and things are going well because it’s not that interesting and it feels too personal. When I do post bad dating stories I like for them to have some lessons I learned, but for some of them I haven’t exactly figured out what the lesson is yet.

I don’t post tons of dating horror stories because I (thankfully) have become much wiser with age and I’m about 1000% better about avoiding horrible dates. If you still find yourself on horrible dates I’d recommend my Dating Red Flags post.

Dating stories are also tough because I have a professional career and it’s very easy to Google my name and find this blog. So while I’d love to be vulnerable and connect, it doesn’t always feel like the best idea to post about mortifying things that I’ve done (or been witness too), things related to sex, or anecdotes that I feel I’ve way outgrown and don’t really want future dates reading about.

I would also hate to shame or embarrass any guy that I dated who was honestly trying his best. I’d hate for a guy to read a negative story and think “oh no that’s about me.” One thing this blog has taught me- when a guy doesn’t read my blog that is a red flag.

Another issue in dating land is that it currently feels like a damn dating desert. Surely there must be new men moving to LA, so why am I literally being given the same match suggestions over and over again on the apps!? I fairly often get suggestions of guys I have already dated, friends of guys I’ve already dated, and guys I’ve already rejected on the same app and possibly all the other apps as well. I honestly haven’t been on a date in a few months because no one has really asked me.

The Future

I’m working on a new series about How I Changed My Life (Seriously) and a regular posting schedule. Hopefully you’ll see a lot more posts in the next year!

I really couldn’t tell you the last non-spam comment I received on the blog, but if you have any feedback or requests please let me know! 

Author: Lindsay

Lindsay is the creator of Blushing in Hollywood a beauty, dating, travel and lifestyle blog based in Los Angeles, California.

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