Lip Injections, Botox, and Plastic Surgery with Tasha Reign and Spencer Scott


When I first asked my friends if they would talk about their fillers (Juvederm lip injections and Botox) I was worried they might not be comfortable talking about it, but boy was I wrong. Not only did my friends Tasha Reign and Spencer Scott talk in detail about their experiences with fillers, they also spilled all the deets on their plastic surgery as well! I feel like Kylie Jenner has made lip injections so incredibly popular so I thought it would be helpful to let everyone know where my friends get it, how much it costs them, how much it hurts, and what the recovery period is like. Be sure to subscribe to the Blushing in Hollywood Youtube channel so you don’t miss any future videos đŸ™‚ and definitely make sure you watch to the end so you can see our Extra Shady Extras.

Here’s some notes on what the talked about:

Tasha Reign Plastic Surgery aka Rachel

Tasha Reign sees Jodie at Dr Garth Fisher’s ( office for both Juvederm and Botox. She recently went and it was $650 for Botox in her forehead and Juvaderm in both lips. She goes once a year. She had previously had Juvederm put in her smile lines, but Jodie said it was not needed at the most recent appointment.

Tasha Reign had breast implants and rhinoplasty at 18 years old. She first had Botox and Juvederm lip injections when she was 23 and she is now 27.

Spencer Scott Plastic Surgery

Spencer Scott sees Dr. Randal Haworth ( for both Juvaderm and Botox. She gets Juvaderm in her lips, smile lines, and “bunny lines” around her nose. She gets Botox in her forehead. She pays $850 for her lips once a year, and it’s $500 for her Botox which she gets every 6-9 months. She first had Botox and lip injections when she was about 21 years old and she will be 27 next month. She has also had fillers under her eyes.

Spencer Scott had one breast augmentation in Georgia when she was 17 and another this past year. She previously had saline implants and now has silicone and says they’re much better.

She also had liposuction in her stomach and under her chin and the fat was transferred under her eyes and in her butt. She loved the fat transfer in her butt, but it only lasted 4-5 months. Luckily the fat did not migrate anywhere  strange. Both girls were very adamant about a few things.

Plastic surgery DON’Ts:

  1. Do not get butt injections! They’re extremely dangerous and NOT WORTH THE RISK! Save up and get the fat transfers! And work out!
  2. Do not get cheek or any other implants. They don’t look good and most of the people they know who have had them have taken them out.
  3. Don’t look for the cheapest deal. Find someone you trust with your face and body. Don’t get plastic surgery if you can’t afford it because there is upkeep.

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