DIY Lash Extensions

I’ve been wanting to try lash extensions for a while now, but they’re so expensive! Luckily, one of my new favorite YouTubers made a video on how to DIY lash extensions at home and it’s super cheap and easy!

 You all HAVE to check out Brittany’s channel Vasseur Beauty, I’m obsessed! This girl is like me she is into RESEARCH! And science! She has all kinds of amazing advice on beauty, skin care, organization, DIY, allllll kinds of stuff. Check out her YouTube channel here! You can check out her blog here!
Now if you want to get more technical, these aren’t exactly “lash extensions” more like “extremely long wearing individual lashes” but they’re giving you a similar effect. Personally, I’m going to need to practice applying individual lashes a few more times with my regular lash glue (House of Lashes white lash adhesive is my jam!  it’s latex-free and waterproof so it’s excellent for sensitive eyes and is STRONG!).

Individual Lashes and Glue

If you’re going to do this I’d recommend trying the Ardell Duralash Combo Pack Naturals because they have different sizes to experiment with. Here’s the Ardell Lashtite Eyelash Adhesive she recommends

and the Ardell Eyelash Adhesive Remover

I’ve also been dying to try the Kiss Trio Lashes

These are like 3 individual lashes bundled together. I wonder how those would work with this technique! If you need more detailed instructions on applying falsies definitely check out my friend Molly aka Girl Get Glamorous’ tutorial:

Strip Lashes

If DIY lash extensions aren’t for you, but you want to try some strip lashes for a special occasion or a night out, I still recommend the Ardell Demi Wispies  
They are more natural, have a nice thin invisible band, and flare out at the end which is nice. These are my go-to lashes. Don’t forget to check out my previous post on How to Apply Falsies for Beginners!

 Silk Pillowcases

I’ve been looking at every TJ Maxx and Ross in town for a cheap silk pillowcase, but no luck. Silk pillow cases are great for both your skin and hair. They’re said to help prevent wrinkles and frizzy hair. Ok I couldn’t wait any longer and literally just ordered this silk pillowcase with good reviews from Amazon while I was writing up this post:

Hopefully it’s as great as the reviews says it is!! Here’s the u-shaped beauty pillow she shows in the video

I found this pillow shape very intriguing since I can never resist the urge to smash my face into my pillow over and over and wake up with lines all over my face most days.

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