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My friend Jessica Jay (@msjessicajay on Instagram) has been doing my eyelash extensions for a few months and I love them so much! Here’s some

Eyelash Extension Basics

Your typical basic “Falsies”/Fake Lashes/Fake Eyelashes come in either a strip, individual, or in clusters and are glued along the lash line to make eyelashes appear more thicker, fuller, and/or longer. They only last 1 day and must be removed before bedtime. You can sometimes re-use them up to 30 times. Check out my post False Lashes for Beginners for more info.

Eyelash extensions on the other hand involve gluing special false individual eyelashes to the natural lashes. A strong adhesive is used to make the lashes last 2-4 weeks.

I was initially afraid they’d look strange since I have blonde eyelashes, but the extensions completely cover my natural lash so this is not an issue.

They did not make all of my eyelashes fall out, that being said @msjessicajay trained me well and I try to be VERY careful about them (see below). It’s also important to go to someone who is very good at what they do and who doesn’t use too heavy of a lash.

Some people do DIY eyelash extensions at home, but you have to have a steady hand, lots of time, and tons of patience. Check out my post on DIY Lash Extensions.

They are perfect for a bride/wedding and I made my sister (@hannahcburn) get hers done before her big day. I think they look better and more natural in pics than strip lashes. Don’t they look fabulous?

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How Much do Eyelash Extensions Cost? How Long Does it Take to Get Eyelash Extensions?

They are expensive AND a time commitment. The first time you get a full set it could take up to 2.5 hours depending on the look you want. Your first set will be more expensive too at about $150-$350 depending on the salon.

Fills take 45-90 minutes and are recommended every 2-3 weeks. Fills can cost about $50-$150 depending on what kind of lashes you have. @msjessicajay is super easy to chat with though and will give you advice on basically anything/be your informal life coach so the time will go by quickly!

Washing Your Face and Maintaining Eyelash Extensions

After you get eyelash extensions you want to avoid getting them wet for 24 hours so avoid vigorous workouts, steam or saunas, and swimming.

You cannot get oil near them, cannot scrub them, and need to try to sleep on your back so you don’t mess them up on your pillow. I kind of want one of these anti-wrinkle beauty pillows to help my face/hair/lashes. Has anyone used this before?

If I’m wearing a full face of makeup at the end of the day I usually begin cleansing my face with a makeup wipe. I use the wipe all over my face and neck and gently on my eyelids. My favorite makeup removing wipes are STILL Boots No7 Quick Thinking 4 in 1 Wipes.

With eyelash extensions you want to wash your face around your lashes. Try not to splash water from the sink over your whole face when it’s time to rinse. I carefully remove face wash (I’ve been using CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser for years now) from all around my face without splashing my eyes. I often use a face cloth instead of rinsing my face.

You’re going to want to use an oil-free makeup remover to take off mascara. I like Bioderma which is a micellar water that doesn’t need to be rinsed. I put some on a q-tip to remove my eye makeup. If I want to make extra-sure my makeup is off and my face is clean I use my Thayers Witch Hazel Toner on a cotton round.

When I’m in the shower I do get water on them, but I try to keep it to a minimum. You can’t sit under super hot water pounding into your lashes and expect them to last! I mostly tip my head back in the shower to keep the water off of my lashes.

Working Out With Eyelash Extensions

I can do hot yoga and lots of sweaty workouts with them no problem. Just be sure to not aggressively wipe your eyes with a towel!

Swimming will make them fall out a little faster, but it won’t suddenly make all of your eyelash extensions instantly fall out.

Final Thoughts About Eyelash Extensions

They save me time in the morning doing my makeup because they make mascara optional.

Overall I just love waking up looking significantly prettier and more princess-like with my lashes and would highly recommend them!!

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