Small Business Saturday 2017

Good morning everyone! Just in case anyone has money left over after Black Friday, I wanted to give a shout out to some of my favorite small businesses for Small Business Saturday! Most of these are run by ladies who are also my friends! I see how hard they work and I am just so proud of them, so I have to support them however I can!

Aruna Threading Studio

One of my most visited local small businesses in LA is Aruna Threading Studio! I found this salon on Yelp almost 2 years ago and haven’t looked back. I get my eyebrows threaded and tinted about every 3 weeks and they have never looked better! I get so many compliments now! Plus the prices are totally reasonable. There’s 2 locations- one on Hollywood Blvd. and the other is on Santa Monica Blvd. and La Brea.  You may remember me mentioning them on my Eyebrow Threading and Tinting post.

Girl Get Glamorous Hair Extensions & Lashes

At this point in about 85% of my photos on IG I’m wearing my Girl Get Glamorous Clip-in extensions in the shade Beach Day (14/22). My friend and fellow blogger Molly runs this company and she is obsessed with hair extensions. She wanted to find the absolute perfect colors, lengths, and extensions that were thick all the way to the end so they don’t look fake or stringy.

I cannot go to an event or wedding without my clip in extensions because they not only add so much volume and body, but they also hold a curl WAY better than my natural hair so even when my hair (inevitably) falls, it still maintains the style because of the extensions!! Molly was nice enough to give my readers a discount too so be sure to use the code HOLLYWOOD to save some money!

Hannah Claire Photography

My sister Hannah (@Hannah_Claire_Photography on Instagram)has been killing it recently with her photography!! She mainly does engagement shoots, couples, and families, but also really helped me take my Instagram to the next level with the photos we took a few weeks ago (including my new headshot that you see all over!)!

Hannah is located in Encinitas, CA, but does shoots all around North County, San Diego, and occasionally comes to LA to shoot. Check out the Hannah Claire Photography website for more examples of her work and to contact her to book the best lifestyle photos, family portraits, or blog photos you will ever take!

Honey Belle

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Yesterday I was at @uniquemarkets which is like a seasonal pop up that had over 300 local LA vendors. I honestly wasn’t expecting to find so much amazing stuff I highly recommend it!! They’re open til 6pm today too! Here’s my #haul:. .👶🏽@perfectlybaked onesie for @thelulutree (#happymothersday !!). Also thank you to them for my ticket! #perfectlybaked .🕯@shopevilqueen “Exhale the Bullshit” candle 😂 the branding is so cute and funny! I also loved that she was there working alongside her bestie @beetlenbones 🙌 yay ladies supporting ladies. #staysassy .👹 @shopcohla “Don’t Tell Me to Smile” hat. .🛁 @prettyandperky Shave and a Cut Whipped Sugar Scrub. I love the scent on this and yay samples! The sugar scrub in the restrooms was great marketing! .🕯@notoxlife Blood Orange travel candle. I smelled this one and couldn’t resist!!! I love a good citrus scent plus it was only $8 which is an amazing price for a product that’s vegan, homemade, and has pretty dried flowers and herbs on top! I will def be checking out their candle making classes too love me a good craft. .🎂 @Drunkencakepops Birthday Cake Shot (Southern Gentleman flavor not pictured because I ate it already 😋) so yummy! .🤸🏼‍♂️👃@thebelleandbeastorganics Yoga Spray Practice Enhancer and Mat Cleaner I had been looking all over for a product like this so I was so happy when I found this one which smells like a spa! It comes in 2 more scents and my fave studios should check it out cc: @setandflowyoga @tantrisyoga @y7studio @myhotpilates .🐝💄@honeybelleshop Eye Creme- used this already and it is fantastic so moisturizing feels very luxurious and it’s under $10!! A steal for an eye cream! I also got the 👄lip scrub which is fantastic as well! You only need the tiniest bit of it and it’s perfect for prepping the lips before lipstick. .💅@color_camp thank you to Monica for an awesome mani! .🎇 check out my last post to see my #auraphoto!

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I found Honey Belle at Unique LA (which BTW is back next weekend December 2-3, 2017). Unique LA is seasonal market full of small businesses and it’s such a great event! I went to the Spring Unique LA and the Fall Unique LA this year. Anyway, back to Honey Belle- their eye cream has become my all time fave! It’s currently on sale for $14.99 (originally $18) and my little container lasts about 3 months. Their products are natural and organic and actually work! They’re also way more affordable than any eye cream sold at Sephora!! I think I’m going to put in an order today for another eye cream and maybe a serum or facial oil! So necessary now that it’s getting colder and my skin has been so dry! You may remember the eye cream from my Best Concealer to Cover Undereye Circles post.

I don’t know Iris the owner personally, I have just met her at a few events (Unique LA, BeautyCon), but I feel like I know her from her Instagram @iris_honeybelle. I loved this super motivating post she put up recently:

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We bought our first home!!!!!! 🏡✨ {{ DISCLOSURE I AM NOT MOVING FOR THOSE THAT KEEP ASKING LOL IT’S AN INVESTMENT PROPERTY }} ++take a sec to read my story of achieving this in 3 months++ 👉🏼 We literally made a decision in August from a 5-minute goal conversation while in New York for business • (GOAL: When we acquire an opening order from a new corporate partner AND a restock order from one of our current partners, WE WILL INVEST AND BUY OUR FIRST HOUSE. Making this declaration pushed us into action to get ALL 3 goals ACCOMPLISHED!!). • In September, we made an appointment to view some Vegas properties while we were coincidentally in town (for @brian_lam4’s body building competition lol) • We received that restock order a couple days after coming back from Vegas. • Not too long after with our realtor’s push, we ended up making an offer for this property we only saw ONCE (with no prior knowledge to what we were getting ourselves into..) • Come October we ended up opening escrow right BEFORE leaving to Europe…. We received that purchase order from that new corporate partner while we were on our eurotrip (shout-out to our team for handling errthang) • November: THEN AFTER ONLY A FEW DAYS BACK FROM EUROPE, WE GOT WORD THAT WE CLOSED ESCROW AND THE HOUSE IS NOW OURS 👉🏼 MORAL OF THE STORY: 1. Set yourself a crazyass goal, NO MATTER the circumstances, the how’s, the resources. 2. DELCARE it into reality, tell the universe what you’re putting yourself up to achieve. 3. And no matter what comes up, the challenges, the naysayers, the negative SELF-talk, BANISH THAT SHIT. 4. And keep believing in yourself. When you BELIEVE (this is the most most MOST important part), you will ACHIEVE. 5. Your commitments and declarations start pulling you into action, and this is when magic happens 🔮💫 #wordsofwisdom #dailyreminders #CEOiris #dreambelieveachieve

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HUSH Beauty Labs (now Costa Craft Beauty)

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📣Small Business Babe Alert📣 I met Sarah at a Bar and Barre event a few months ago. She is the owner and Hustler In Charge of Hush Beauty Labs (@hushbeautylabs) which is a really amazing company that makes body oils, scrubs, balms, salves, and serums. I met up with her again at @uniquemarkets in Santa Monica last month and was excited to make my own custom body Oil! ➡️ Scroll through to watch the #alchemy in progress! 👃I’m obsessed with finding my perfect signature scent that’s sexy and a little musky, yet feminine and Sarah helped me find the perfect blend I’m in love!!! I’ve been drenching my body in this stuff and it’s a must for me before a date! What’s even more fun is Sarah offers private workshops so if you want to have a girls night where you do something a little different I highly recommend a @hushbeautylabs DIY Beauty Bar workshop! Thank you so much Sarah @hushbeautylabs for making my custom scent dreams come true 💗😂 Also shout out to my shopping buddy/videographer @coriamore !

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Sarah the owner of HUSH Beauty Labs (now Costa Craft Beauty) has been at every local business event in town it seems like! Her products are so so amazing and if you’re looking for a unique Girls Night activity or Holiday Party- the DIY Beauty Bar is amazing! I made a custom body/hair oil and I get SO many compliments on it! Plus it’s so simple your friends won’t be able to mess it up. There’s also currently a deal for 20% off your first purchase!

Costa Craft Beauty “Good Vibes Only” candle is the perfect hostess gift!

The Influencer Podcast/Pitch it Perfect/Julie Solomon

Another friend in my head is Julie Soloman of The Influencer podcast. This podcast (The Influencer Podcast) is an absolute must-listen for any blogger, entrepreneur, small business owner, hustler, etc. I have learned so so much from her about branding, pitching, social media, and more and have been telling everyone I know about how they MUST listen! Julie is having a free Influencer Growth Plan Master Class coming up on December 2nd and I already signed up weeks ago! She is teaching it with Puno the founder of People Map who I actually have heard talk at a previous Instagram class I took. Not only is Puno adorable and such a fun and dynamic teacher, you will learn SO much from her about how to grow your Instagram following!! After Julie’s last free master class I bought her Pitch it Perfect course and it is fantastic!! Try out the free masterclass first and see for yourself!

Jacquelyn Carter Designs

How cute is this Jacquelyn Carter Designs Ready to Flamingle Cell Phone Case?!

My friend Jacque of Jacquelyn Carter Designs has been killing it lately with her designs. She is an illustrator and turns her beautiful patterns she creates into cell phone cases, tote bags, stationary, rugs and more! She also has started designing dresses which have been so so cute! She hand sews these things! I know Jacque has been working so hard at making her business get up and running this year and I’m so proud of her!! She also has holiday cards that are currently on sale!

Jacquelyn Carter Designs Holiday Card

Jessica Jay

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💟Eyelash Extensions💟 I’ve had mine for about 2 months now and get them done by @msjessicajay (DM her if you’re interested!). Let’s talk about them! ❣️I was initially afraid they’d look strange since I have blonde eyelashes, but the extensions completely cover my natural lash so this is not an issue. ❣️They did not make all of my eyelashes fall out, that being said @msjessicajay trained me well and I try to be VERY careful about them. ❣️You cannot get oil near them, cannot scrub them, and need to try to sleep on your back so you don’t mess them up on your pillow. I must wash my face around my lashes so I don’t splash water from the sink over my whole face, I carefully remove face wash from all around my face without splashing my eyes. I often use a face cloth instead of rinsing my face. ❣️When I’m in the shower I do get water on them, but you can’t sit under super hot water pounding into your lashes and expect them to last. I mostly tip my head back in the shower to keep the water off of my lashes. ❣️That being said, I can do hot yoga and lots of sweaty workouts with them no problem. ❣️They save me time in the morning doing my makeup because they make mascara optional. ❣️They are expensive, but they are also a time commitment. They take 1.5-2.5 hours to apply and for fills every 2-4 weeks. @msjessicajay is super easy to chat with though and will give you advice on basically anything/be your informal life coach so the time will go by quickly! ❣️They are perfect for a bride/wedding and I’m making my sister get hers done before her big day. I think they look better in pics than strip lashes. ❣️Overall I just love waking up looking significantly prettier and more princess-like with my lashes and would highly recommend them!! 📷 and hair extensions from @girlgetglamoroushair. 🎆This is not an ad I just love supporting my awesome friends and it’s easy for me to do because they do such great work!!

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And of course I had to include my facialist/eyelash extension artist/life coach/stylist etc etc @msjessicajay! You may remember her from my My Eyelash Extensions FAQs Tips and Tricks post. She is moving to LA in about a month full time (yay!) and has been hustling hard to expand her eyelash extension and facials business. Contact her through her Instagram for rates!

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