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Back in February I visited Vail with my siblings and for our second and third day we decided to head to Beaver Creek which I LOVED! Beaver Creek, CO is like a smaller, more contained Vail Village that’s only about 15 away. It’s anchored by the huge Park Hyatt Hotel which became my home base for those two days. My first day in Vail I had a tumble down the mountain so I decided to skip the skiing for the rest of our visit (and possibly the rest of my life). Beaver Creek also has a lovely little area adjacent to the slopes with shops, restaurants, bars, rental shops, and a public ice skating rink right in the middle of it all.

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The enormous Park Hyatt Beaver Creek

The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek lobby was the best place to hang out during the day because it has huge windows that face the mountain so you can watch all the action outside while staying cozy on all the couches and by the fire inside. The food there was also amazing. At the cafe I had a hot chocolate with Baileys in it which was to die for.

The lobby at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek. Perfect place to watch skiers and snowboarders come down the mountain!

Then I browsed the TripAdvisor app and had the greatest discovery of my trip, the Allegria Spa. This place OMG. This was exactly what I needed! If you go to the Vail area you cannot miss this spa. Especially if you’re staying at your ski bum little brother’s (basically) frat house like I did, this place will relax, calm, and cleanse you.

Aqua Sanitas at the Allegria Spa

The spa lobby and the entrance to Aqua Sanitas

At the Allegria Spa at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek there is an incredible Aqua Sanitas water ritual which I could have spent the rest of my life doing. Basically you bring your bathing suit and the water ritual involves alternating hot and cold. If you get a treatment at the spa it’s included in the cost. You can also enjoy the Aqua Sanitas on its own for $20 if you’re staying at the resort or $55 if you’re not. The day pass includes access to Aqua Sanitas, the fitness center, locker room facilities, pools, hot tubs, and 1 group fitness class. It is worth every penny.

Co-ed Thermae Pool

You start in their showers in the beautiful, clean, and huge locker room then put on the best robe of all time and head downstairs and into the Thermae Pool a large co-ed mineral hot tub with water falls that massage your shoulders.

Me, my brother-in-law, my sister, and my brother in the Co-ed Thermae pool

From there you are separated into the men’s or women’s area and go into the Caldarium Mineral Pools which is another hot tub.

Caldarium Jacuzzi

After that you go into a large waterfall shower called the Cascata Rainshower and are supposed to use cold or cool water to contrast the hot jacuzzi and invigorate you.

Cascata Rainshower

Then you go into the most amazing steam room I’ve ever been in. It’s totally dark and there’s twinkling lights in the ceiling that change colors it’s so awesome and relaxing to watch. The steam is wintergreen scented to refresh your senses.

Caldarium Steamroom

Next is my favorite room that you don’t want to sleep on (but can sleep in if you so please), the Tepidarium. This is a more tepid room to bring you back to normal and you lay on an s-shaped tile seat that’s HEATED and read magazines for as long as you want omg it’s heaven!!!

Tepidarium with heated loungers!

I took like 5 different showers in the locker room at the Allegria Spa and the aromatherapy in every room was incredible and just what I needed. There’s also a fabulous lounge upstairs with snacks, chaise lounges with cozy blankets, more magazines, tea and soft lighting. I wish my living room was as cozy as this lounge!


The next day I went back to the spa this time with my sister. It was a gorgeous sunny day so we went outside where the huge heated pool is and there’s also 5(!) hot tubs outside that we had all to ourselves! It was so gorgeous to be outside with all the snow watching people come down the mountain it was amazing.

I think I spent 7 hours at the Allegria Spa and even got to miss half of the Super Bowl (ahh, bliss). I also got a 50-minute Swedish massage which was excellent as well. The Allegria Spa at the Park Hyatt at Beaver Creek was by far the best part of my whole trip to Vail and I would recommend this to anyone and everyone that is visiting! You cannot miss this spa it is phenomenal!! The customer service was also superb. I seriously think about this place all the time, take me back!!

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