Make Your Manicure Last Longer

Today I have a quick tip for you that actually works. It’s simple and I wish I would have known it sooner. This will help with both regular and gel manicures whether you do them at home or get them done at the salon. The tip is…

ALWAYS wear gloves when doing dishes. I doubted that this would make any noticeable difference with my manicures, but when I finally tried it it seriously worked and I was thrilled.
The other thing I do to extend my gel manicures is I try to never ever use my nails as tools. This one is easier said than done, but hey those gel manicures cost me a pretty penny I want my manicure to last long and want them looking great for as long as possible!
I go to what I think is one of the best nail salons in LA, Pampered Hands. This is where I get my dip glitter gel nail manicures at that look like this:


 I have one more tip for those of you who paint your nails at home- Glisten & Glow HK Girl is the best top coat ever. Yes, better than Seche Vite. It gives your nails a super shiny gel-manicure-esque finish, si fast driving, and it’s tough meaning your manicure will last longer without chips. You have to try this stuff!
I got both of these recommendations from one of my favorite YouTubers CoffeeBreakWithDani and have been using them for over a year now!

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