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Soo my childhood dreams came true and my vision is finally at the point where I need reading glasses! I seriously faked an eye exam when I was 10 years old because I wanted glasses so badly. I managed to fake one worse than the other and they told me I needed to wear a patch. I said no thank you I don’t need a pirate patch I’ll just take the glasses, thanks! My mom told me she knew I didn’t need the glasses and that I was lying, but she got me a pair anyway because I was so committed to my lie. I wore them for one day (the first day of 5th grade), got a terrible headache, and never wore them again. My prescription is +0.75 in both eyes which is so weak they don’t even sell them at most drug stores. I originally thought I was just getting makeup and/or oil cleansers in my eyes and that was what was making my vision blurry.. so if you’re like me and thinking this is the problem definitely get your vision checked out because you may need an adorable new accessory oops I mean prescriptive eyewear like me!


Trendy Cat-Eye Eyeglasses #123816 I think I get the most compliments on this pair probably because they’re a little sassy with the cat-eye and the blue is different and fun. Plus, I ordered all of these glasses online so I had no clue what was going to look good on my face or be comfortable to wear so I needed a few different styles. I have a wider face and head and can wear these glasses most of the day, but they’re a bit more narrow so they squeeze my temples a tiny bit. My makeup gets on every pair of glasses (and sunglasses), but luckily doesn’t stain these light blue ones. Even though they’re cheap ($6.95!!) they seem durable and aren’t flimsy.

Classic Square Eyeglasses #124121

Classic Square Eyeglasses #124121 My sister calls these my “Clark Kent” glasses and says they’re her favorite out of the 3 I have. These ones are a little quirky and bold and again super cheap ($6.95!), but not flimsy at all. They’re a bit wider at the temples then the Cat-Eye ones above making them slightly more comfortable. I like all 3 of the pairs I bought so I rotate them, but this is my least worn pair just because I think the other 2 are cuter. PS This pic was taken at The Broad museum which I HIGHLY recommend it’s amazing! PPS I don’t ALWAYS wear that hat, these pics just happened to be taken on a “hat day” it’s actually in stock for once on Amazon here:


Women’s Rectangular Eyeglasses in Tortoiseshell #123525 This is my most worn and most comfortable pair. I’m literally wearing them as I write this. They are most comfortable because they are wider. This picture I took as a “before” shot before I got my hair cut by the fabulous Emma at GoodForm Salon in WeHo and I was worried to wear the glasses in the picture because they’re so cute I was afraid it would make the “before” picture too good hah! Anyways these are slightly more expensive at $9.95, but still are a great price. These are a bit more subtle and less in-your-face than the other two. I love the price point of Zenni Optical because it meant I could get a few different pairs and mix it up. I was blowing people’s minds at work they’d be like wait, are those another pair of new glasses!? At $6.95 each you bet they are!

One tip when you are buying from Zenni– buy the anti-glare!!! It’s an add-on at when you add them to your cart and I highly recommend you spend the extra $5. They say it’s helpful for driving so I thought well, these are only for reading so I won’t need that! I totally regret it and the glare is annoying to see in pictures too:

So much glare!

If I were to purchase another pair I might even spring for the $14.95 Oleophobic (oil and fingerprint resistant) premium anti-reflective coating since glasses get dirty SO quickly and it’s super annoying. Other than that I’ve been super happy with my glasses and I can’t believe I got these 3 adorable pairs shipped to me for less than $30 total! That included plastic cases and a cleaning cloth for all 3 as well!


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