Zenni Sunglasses Review

Zenni Optical reached out to me and asked if I wanted to be a part of their new campaign focusing on how you can order and customize prescription glasses/sunglasses to your liking while being able to stay in a good budget (under $50).

This was PERFECT timing because my ophthalmologist told me I needed to start wearing prescription sunglasses everyday.

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Zenni Glasses Review

Soo my childhood dreams came true and my vision is finally at the point where I need reading glasses! I seriously faked an eye exam when I was 10 years old because I wanted glasses so badly. I managed to fake one worse than the other and they told me I needed to wear a patch. I said no thank you I don’t need a pirate patch I’ll just take the glasses, thanks! My mom told me she knew I didn’t need the glasses and that I was lying, but she got me a pair anyway because I was so committed to my lie. I wore them for one day (the first day of 5th grade), got a terrible headache, and never wore them again. My prescription is +0.75 in both eyes which is so weak they don’t even sell them at most drug stores. I originally thought I was just getting makeup and/or oil cleansers in my eyes and that was what was making my vision blurry.. so if you’re like me and thinking this is the problem definitely get your vision checked out because you may need an adorable new accessory oops I mean prescriptive eyewear like me! Continue reading “Zenni Glasses Review”