Zenni Sunglasses Review

Zenni Black Cat Eye Prescription Sunglasses

Zenni Optical reached out to me and asked if I wanted to be a part of their new campaign focusing on how you can order and customize prescription glasses/sunglasses to your liking while being able to stay in a good budget (under $50).

This was PERFECT timing because my ophthalmologist told me I needed to start wearing prescription sunglasses everyday.

Black Cat Eye Zenni Prescription Sunglasses

The sunglasses came, I loved them, they were PERFECT! I was wearing them daily. Couldn’t get enough of them.

Now IDK why I put off writing the post when I was so darn happy about the sunglasses, but I did. Karma came and I lost the sunglasses a few months later in Mexico. The upside of this is we now know that I like these sunglasses so much that I went ahead and purchased the replacement at full price so I could go back to wearing them daily.

So yes they were originally gifted, but clearly I love them or else I wouldn’t have bought them again myself!

Here’s what I ended up picking: I ordered the Premium Cat-Eye Sunglasses 112021 Black, with the 1.57 Mid-Index Lens, standard tint Gray 80%, and Super Hydrophobic Anti-Reflective Coating. Final price before shipping $49.85.  

I was looking for an all black over sized cat-eye style because I love how chic and classic it looks. Since these are “premium sunglasses” and I chose a classic style I’m hoping to wear them for quite a while!

I wanted them large and the tint as dark as possible for those days when I do’t feel like wearing makeup so I can hide behind them and pretend I’m a celeb. I also feel like they give me more sun protection that way and I’m always trying to protect myself from the sun as much as humanely possible.

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How to Keep Glasses Clean

I chose the super hydrophobic anti-reflective coating because dirty glasses are the bane of my existence and drive me crazy!  

Glasses Tip: I clean mine with dish soap and water to get all of my makeup, oil, and fingerprints off of my glasses and sunglasses.

When they arrived and I tried them on for the first time I was immediately in love. Isn’t putting on a brand new pair of glasses the best? You don’t even realize how poorly you were seeing without them!

Zenni Sunglasses Case

I love that these come with a case so I can’t crush them in my purse. They also seem very sturdy so I think they are going to work for a long time for me. Another thing I love about them is how light they are in my purse!

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These photos were taken by my sister Hannah Claire Photography on the Carl Sandburg Home hike in North Carolina. I just booked my annual summer trip to the Carolinas in July, I can’t wait!

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