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Gradual Self Tanning

After hearing all of the YouTube Beauty Gurus raving about the self tanning foam Loving Tan self tanner I ALMOST was ready to cough up the $50 so I too could have a bronzed glow, but luckily I found a much cheaper self tanning alternative. After reading reviews online I decided to try the Suave Visible Glow Gradual Self Tanner in Medium-Tan* ($6.97):
self tanning

Even though I am not Medium-Tan I am impatient so I went for the darker formula and the color on this product is awesome! Very natural and streak free. I put about 3 generous layers on because again, I’m impatient, and by the next day I was satisfied with my color. This lotion does not have any scent when you apply it, but unfortunately that classic self-tanner scent rears it’s ugly head once the product starts developing (about 30 minutes after applying). I also did find this lotion very moisturizing. It has not transferred onto any of my clothes or sheets which is amazing. I applied it on Friday night and it’s Wednesday night and it has barely faded and I have not added any more layers. If you’re in the market for a little bronze this summer be sure to avoid the sun because it’s trying to make you look old and kill you and reach for this product before you spend the big bucks on a self tanner! Here’s my tips on application:

1. Shower- Exfoliate then shave.

2. Once dry apply a generous amount anywhere and everywhere (I avoided my face because I can just use makeup for that and I find it washes off too quickly since I’m constantly washing my face). Use sparingly around elbows, knees, hands, and feet.

3. Wait about 5 minutes for the lotion to dry and then apply another layer of lotion all over. Repeat as many times as you’d like.

4. Once you’re finished wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry them off. Then take the lotion that’s on your arm closest to your wrist and carefully wipe it down over the top of your hand and fingers very gently to get a little tiny bit on there. You can do the same thing with your feet then be sure to wipe off the finger you used.

5. Keep a towel close by to the sink so if you have to wash your hands again you can dry them off immediately instead of letting water drip down your arms which can make your tan streaky.

6. Wait as long as possible to get dressed. If you’re in a hurry use a blow dryer on your body on the low speed and low heat to help it dry.

7. Enjoy your natural looking tan! A self tanning product like this is great to cover imperfections when you’re going to be showing off more skin. It can disguise the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and cellulite. Remember that if you are getting “tan” in the sun or changing colors from the sun in any way that is your skin telling you it has been damaged!

Instant Self Tanning

Another product I love for instant self tanning for pool parties or boat days is Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs* ($9.99):
self tanning

This stuff is makeup for your body. I’ve also used it on my face too (in Vegas! Don’t judge me!) Be sure to put a towel you don’t care about down before spraying it on because this stuff gets messy, but once it dries it is waterproof. The only issue with this is that it can transfer sometimes so don’t sit on any fancy white couches without a towel between you and your airbrush legs! Now for funsies here’s a pic of me taking it to the next level in vegas 4 years ago with both a spray tan and a healthy coat of self tanning with Sally Hansen Airbrush legs on top (of not just my legs, but everywhere):

How to use Sally Hansen Airbrush legs to give yourself a DARK all over self tanning tan glow.
Me (on the left) with 3 girlfriends in Vegas for NYE 2011 bronzed for the GAWDS!

*No one pays me to review products (yet!) so this whole post was my idea and my own personal and honest recommendations. These links are, however, Amazon affiliate links so if you buy the products through the link I’ll get some pennies thrown my way. Which is good because blogging is espensive. This is also why it’s critical for me to save money while self tanning.

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