How to Take off Makeup in Front of a Boy

Lauren Curtis, a makeup artist and YouTube beauty guru, recently posted a video this week about how to remove makeup in front of boys that turned out to be a bit controversial:



To summarize the tips are:

1. Take off foundation using a makeup wipe leaving your brows intact.

2. Apply self-tanner to your face (close to the sleepover since it usually only lasts about 2 days) if you self-tan your body so you don’ have an orange body and white/pink face.

3. Eyelashes- tint them or remove most, but not all mascara and/or eyeliner. You might even want to put on a light coat of a drier formula mascara especially if you’re blonde.

4. Spot conceal acne/redness with a concealer that matches your face (not your neck). If you don’t want to use a concealer sometimes a primer can make your skin look smoother and slightly color correct.

5. Put on a lip balm or lip gloss.


I think these tips are great and could be helpful to a lot of girls. I like the way that she explains it- think about taking off all of your makeup the first night as just diving straight into the pool and the way I’m showing you is more like taking the steps to slowly get in. You’re still getting the same outcome. Here were some of people’s problems with the video and my thoughts:

1. This is lying/cheating/trickery and isn’t right

Unless you walk out of the bathroom and proudly proclaim “just took ALL of my makeup off! Yup every last bit! Definitely don’t have a bit on right now! Bare face! I woke up like this!” then you’re not lying. Plus just like wearing your makeup in the first place is for your benefit not to impress guys, wearing a little bit in the beginning of dating someone is just another way to help yourself feel more comfortable and isn’t really for his benefit. I also don’t think that wearing a push up bra or hair extensions or whatever else is lying/cheating/trickery either.


2. A man should love you no matter what/no relationship is going to be healthy or work out if you’re concerned about what you look like before you go to bed/wake up

While I agree that most guys tend to prefer a “no makeup-makeup” or “natural” look and usually can’t figure out if we’re wearing makeup or not unless we’re in full out drag I don’t think wearing your makeup on your very first or first few sleepovers is to make the man love you. Everyone knows it’s not going to make or break a relationship again it comes down to wanting to feel your best and feeling comfortable.


3. Wearing makeup to bed is ridiculous

I’ve had plenty of sleepovers with girl friends and my sister and I can tell you that 75%+ don’t take every last stitch of makeup off at night and I can guarantee it’s not to impress me. It takes a lot of time and energy to do and most girls just aren’t that diligent. There’s not a huge difference between not washing it all off vs. this approach. I don’t know about you all but my night time routine is getting up to about 15-20 minutes now that I’m trying to be more diligent about my skin care and I don’t want someone wondering wtf I’m doing in the bathroom for that long. Plus it makes a huge mess.


If I’m going out and think I might be having a sleep over later on here’s some things that I will do:

1. Skip falsies, smokey eyeshadow, and heavy glitter.

2. Wear an outfit that includes more comfortable shoes and doesn’t look insane during the day.

3. Bring eye drops and a face-refresher spray like MAC Fix+ or the Evian spray.

4. Bring a hair tie


I have done the full range while dating. I have done a second or third date with a completely bare face all the way to wearing a very full face of makeup to bed and everything in between. I don’t think it makes a difference in how a guy sees you and my choices tend to come down to how I’m feeling at that moment (and I’ll usually only sleep in the full face if I’m exhausted and pass out and even then I’ll wake up about an hour later and wash it off). I get exactly 1 pimple for every time I sleep in makeup so I try to avoid it when possible, but everyone is different. I also don’t tend to want to break the momentum of a fun date by spending 20 minutes in the bathroom washing my face off. If someone really wants to see what I look like without makeup now they can just check out my YT tutorial haha. What do you think?

Author: Lindsay

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