My Travel and Flying Essentials

Want to feel cool, calm, collected, and comfortable while traveling? Check out this list of essentials that will have you ready for anything!

On the last Traveling in Style post I gave you some of Derek Blasberg’s tips that I have incorporated into my traveling, but today I’m passing on some of my very own!

My Flying Essentials

I bring this little bag full of my traveling essentials on every flight I take! They make me feel like I'm ready for anything.
I bring this bag on every flight I go on!

What’s in My Flying Essentials Travel Bag

Mini Traveling Bag in My Carry-On

This is a Vera Bradley Medium Cosmetic Bag. This thing is crucial. It contains:

Beauty Products for the Plane Ride

Lip Balm

C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Night Balm has become a Holy Grail (HG) product for me. I have one by my bed and I use it every night. This is important because planes have very low humidity which dehydrates you so you need a good lip balm to stay moisturized.


It’s important to stay moisturized and this True Blue Spa hand lotion smells fantastic and again, can cover up any mysterious odors. I use this on my hands and sometimes need it on my nose and chin as well since they dry out quickly. I sometimes carry Aquaphor which can be used on both my hands and lips.

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A hair tie and clips

A lot of times I like to be freshly showered when on a plane so I’m not the neighbor with the BO.

Health and Wellness Products for the Plane Ride

Hand Sanitizer

You can never kill too many germs in an airplane. This is also very important in case you’re sat next to someone with really bad breath or BO you can put some on and it will totally cover up your neighbors odor.

Mints & Gum

It’s nice to have fresh breath! You can also offer some to the person sitting next to you 😉


Always good to have on hand in case of a headache or hangover.


Good for runny noses and messes. I sometimes bring wet wipes as well which are nice to clean your hands with when the line to the bathroom is super long.

Sleeping Mask

Great to block everything out.

Tech Gear for the Plane


These are a back up pair actually, because my flying pair is over the ear. I find the over-the-ear much more comfortable for wearing while I watch all the movies I’ve downloaded onto my iPad and they’re better at noise canceling.

Every single time I fly I wish I would have sucked it up and bought the super nice Bose Noise Canceling headphones, but they’re just so expensive! If I had to fly for work or if I was flying monthly I think these would absolutely be worth the investment.

My other traveling essentials that don’t fit in this bag:

iPad for Flying

Pre-Download TV Shows

I love my iPad and use it daily at home. Before flying I make sure to rent and download (make sure to do this 1-2 days ahead of time because if you don’t download the whole movie it won’t work!!) a few movies or TV show episodes. Last fall when I was flying a lot of the TV pilots were available for free.

Kids Movies

A lot of times I rent cute cartoon movies like The Lego Movie because pretty much every other movie is very awkward to watch with a stranger looking over your shoulder.

iPad Games

I also have games on my iPad that don’t require WiFi. My current favorite is Two Dots and be warned it is INCREDIBLY addicting! Someone on an airplane actually taught me this little hack: to get more lives go to your settings and set the time manually ahead 3-4 hours and poof they are refilled! The only caveat is that it can mess up your text messages which is why I do it on my iPad, but not my phone.

iPhone/iPad Charger

I ALWAYS carry one on because you never know how long you’ll be stuck at an airport for. You also might need it to arrange transportation when you land!

Travel Snacks

I like to grab candy (usually peanut butter M&Ms) before I get to the airport so I can feel like I beat the system and saved tons of money. I’ll also bring Kind bars and little Amy’s Organics cheddar bunnies and fruit snacks because I eat like a child.

Vitamin C

I also like Mixed Berry Ricola lozenges with Vitamin C because they’re tasty, make my throat feel less dry, and might boost my immunity a tiny bit.


Don’t be that person. Bring some cash wherever you go. Luckily for me there are lots of BoA ATMs at LAX.

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