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A few weeks ago I was invited by a friend to go to a show at LA Fashion Week. It was my first “big time” fashion show I’d ever attended. I originally thought it was the first fashion show I’d attended period, but then remembered back to my days in Gainesville, FL supporting my model roommate walking the runway (miss you Val!). Anyway the show was Sue Wong “Fairies and Sirens” on October 15, 2014 at LA Live and after watching the video on the invite I was immediately obsessed with Sue:



In this video Sue talks about her brand and she is such an artiste it’s just great. She also discusses how her 3 different mansions inspire her dresses so yeah the video is pretty amazing. As far as how to get invited to the shows unfortunately I don’t know how one does this. I was lucky enough to be invited by a friend whose aunt knows Sue. The show was on a Wednesday evening and the dress code was cocktail attire. I decided to go a little more casual, but yet still chic and in all-black which seems like a fashionable thing to do, right? Here’s the outfit I wore:


all black outfit

This is not the same night, but I did wear the same pants, top, and a similar bag and shoes. I didn’t wear my Fabuluxe Jewels necklace, but obviously it would have been a good addition. I’m definitely NOT a fashion blogger for a reason. I constantly agonize over what to wear to all kinds of events and an LA fashion show was no exception. If I had to do it over again I would have worn a cocktail dress/something way more over the top! It’s fashion after all might as well have fun with it. Plus I was loving all the other attendees in their statement outfits. My friend wore a black cocktail dress and I think the only thing she regretted wearing that night was her Louboutins because we ended up having to stand for the show and her feet were killing her. The lighting was terrible at the venue so I didn’t get any good pics of us, but here’s one of my friend Rachel and I:


Me and my friend Rachel at the Sue Wong show
Me and my friend Rachel at the Sue Wong show


Another great example of what to wear would be my friend Vanessa who attended a different show than I did I think this look is SPOT-on as a fabulous look for a fashion show:


Vanessa looking incredible in a gorgeous dress with great hair and makeup
Vanessa looking incredible in a gorgeous dress with great hair and makeup

Vanessa Garcia is an actress and you can see more pics of her on Instagram @1vanessagarcia


Before the show was confusing. I was cool about arriving late because from TV and movies and reality shows it seems like fashion shows always begin very late and this was an accurate assumption this night. When we got there there were a few different vendors/sponsors, a bar with no alcohol (only water, soda, and energy drinks), limited seating, a DJ, and the fashion show was in a different part of the room that we couldn’t see. At one point I was worried that we had actually missed the show. People were lined up to get in and the security had trouble getting the line to move efficiently and kept stopping it which made me worried that there wasn’t going to be room for us to get in. There was an oddly high number of old men at the show too? That was weird. Luckily we did get to see the show, but like I said there were no seats left so we had to stand. The show itself was amazing I loved the dresses and was obsessed with the headpieces. I made this video of the pictures that I took at the show backed to my roommate Kathleen Payton’s song “Keep Your Heart Safe” which is amazing and you must hear it! Check out pictures from the show here:




The bottom line is if you’re attending a fashion wear something fun! And wear shoes that you can stand in for 4 hours +.

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