What is so great about the Barefoot Dreams blankets?

My big Christmas gift this year was the Barefoot Dreams Barefoot in the Wild leopard blanket. Influencers talk about this blanket often. Celebrities love it too. Lauryn Bosstick from The Skinny Confidential calls it the Kardashian blanket since the sisters and Kris travel with it wrapped around their shoulders often.

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You might have even gone into a Nordstrom to touch one of these blankets and see what all the fuss was about. If you did, you probably thought “What the heck? I can get a blanket from HomeGoods at 1/10 of this price that is WAY softer.”

So why did Chrissy Teigen recommend the blanket as a great gift idea?

Chrissy helped me understand what is so perfect about this blanket- it’s the STRETCH. I’m a tall girl at 5’9 and being able to stretch a blanket down around my feet at any time is a game-changer. It also means you can basically swaddle yourself like a baby in it.

barefoot dreams in the wild snow leopard printed blanket

So why not just use a comforter? Well, does a comforter look good chilling on your couch? Can you store it out of sight easily? Can you travel with it no problem? Eh not really. This blanket looks pretty, isn’t crazy big, and I have used it every single day since I got it. I wrap myself in it on my couch and use it again at night when I go to sleep. I also think it’s a perfect weight. It’s warm, but not a blanket you’ll have to take off and put on over and over.

It’s the best kind of gift- one that is a lovely luxury that you’ll actually use and enjoy for years to come. No one NEEDS a blanket this fancy, but if you get one you WILL enjoy it.

Barefoot Dreams Barefoot in the Wild leopard blanket

The blanket is 54″ x 72″ and is 100% Polyester Microfiber. I’d say the shedding is minimal.

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