What to Wear to Coachella

If you’re like me and always expending tons of energy trying to figure out what to bring on trips in order to be prepared for any weather/situation/temperature/activity then you’re probably wondering what the hell to wear to Coachella! If you don’t know, Coachella is a huge music festival that’s in Palm Springs aka the desert every spring.

Coachella is 3 days long and the fashion is almost as important to Coachella as the music. Coachella is one of those few rare times that you can dress in basically a costume in public and no one will judge you. I will warn you that at 28 I’m a pretty pragmatic young lady so if you’re one of those girls that has no problem wearing Louboutins all night, bold lips any day without worrying constantly that lipstick is on your teeth, or outfits that are basically taped to your naughty parts you probably have a much higher commitment to lookin’ fly than I do.

Here’s my tips are on what to wear to Coachella including affordable clothes and accessories. Be sure to check out my What to Bring to Coachella post.

Shoes for Coachella

Coachella is enormous I’d guess depending on how active your group is you will be walking up to 6-10+ miles per day in a grassy field. I wore flat boots when I went because my friend Meagan told me to wear boots that “don’t even have a 1 inch heel. Not even the littlest baby heel. Flat. On the ground.” And I think that was really good advice. If you wear heels you’ll probably hate yourself and end up barefoot. If you wear sandals they are going to get jacked up by all the dirt and your feet will be stepped on by fellow festival-goers. If you’re even more chill than I am you could wear sneakers and be comfortable as well.

What shoes to wear to Coachella 2015
Shoe ideas for Coachella 2015

From Left to Right: Forever 21 Knee-High Riding Boots // Target Women’s Z London Bobo Combat Lace Boot // Target Women’s Kaci Short Cowboy Boots // Forever 21 Embroidered Espadrilles

Coachella Outfit

Dresses and Skirts– Pick some that are long enough so that when you sit on the ground you’ll have a little bit of a fabric barrier. Also consider wearing shorts underneath for added comfort and because it can get super windy.

Affordable dresses and skirts that are both comfortable and cute for Coachella 2015
Affordable dresses and skirts that are both comfortable and cute for Coachella 2015

Forever 21 M-Slit Knit Maxi Skirt $17.90 // Charlotte Russe Crochet-Trim Off-the-Shoulder Shift Dress $32.99 // Forever 21 Crocheted Mandala Print Dress $29.90 // Charlotte Russe Belted Lace Midi Dress $29.99

Pants– During the day it’s a bit hot for pants, but I did wear a thinner pair of (fun silver holographic) leggings one day and felt comfortable. Leggings are a good choice if you’re into that. Those billowey patterned pants aka Palazzo pants like this pair from Target that are popular right now would be comfortable as well.

Cute and comfortable pants to wear to Coachella 2015 Coachella Fashion
Cute and comfortable pants to wear to Coachella 2015

Forever 21 Regency Remixed Leggings $10.80 // Target Women’s Challis Palazzo Pants w/Smock Waistband $24.99 // Target Mossimo Printed Legging in Pink $17.99 // Forever 21 Kaleidoscope Floral Palazzo Pants $22.90

Shorts– Jorts (jean shorts) are plentiful at Coachella. I wore shorts one day and found some cute lace cotton with a drawstring ones that didn’t ride up (this part is key).

Jorts and comfortable shorts to wear to Coachella 2015
Jorts and comfortable shorts to wear to Coachella 2015

Francesca’s Collection Gigi Embroidered Pom Pom Shorts $34 // Forever 21 Distresed Denim Shorts $34.90 // Forever 21 Crochet-Paneled Shorts $17.90 // Forever 21 Distresseed Denim Cutoffs $17.90

Bathing Suits– You can definitely rock a bathing suit in the desert. I would highly recommend bringing something warmer to wear over it at night. Body suits (and jump suits for that matter) are fun, but remember that you will be waiting in long lines for port-o-potties all day.

The old lady in me wants you to cover up to protect yourself from the sun because that shit will age you and not just your face. Definitely bring bathing suits though and fun cover ups like dresses and wedge heels for when you get invited to cool pool parties during the day that are not at the field and therefore will not require such a commitment or walking long distances.

Jacket– I’d recommend bringing a light jacket, sweater, or flannel with you because the temperature really drops at night and you will get chilly.

Purse/Bag for Coachella

I’m a big fan of the mini backpack. I have a Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack and although it was a bit of an investment ($125) I get tons of use out of it. It’s a great size and is much more comfortable than that uneven feeling of a heavy bag on one shoulder. You can find a way cheaper one at tons of stores now.

Bags and mini backpacks to wear to Coachella 2015
Bags and mini backpacks to wear to Coachella 2015

Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack $125 // Forever 21 Fringed Suede Backpack $32.90 // Francesca’s Collection Callisto Belt Bag $28 // Francesca’s Collection Felicia Fringe Satchel $54

Look out for a few more posts with my Coachella advice coming up! And if your style is a little different check out my Beyonce concert outfit and makeup.


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