Lisa Vanderpump from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills loves Chanel lip gloss.

Lisa Vanderpump’s Makeup Favorites (with Drugstore Dupes!)

It’s about time I do a follow-up post on this, since it’s consistently one of my most popular posts! There’s a new article up on the Bravo website where Lisa Vanderpump from Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules discusses her 5 essential beauty products and they’re completely different than the last post I made!

Lisa Vanderpump’s Illuminated Pressed Powder

iconiconLisa Vanderpump’s Pick: Tom Ford Illuminating Powder ($78) – Lisa Vanderpump uses this under her eyes to highlight.

Tom Ford Illuminating Powder
Tom Ford Illuminating Powder

At first glance this Tom Ford Illuminating Powder may seem light a highlighter, but there’s no sparkle or sheen to it it’s just got a slightly yellow tint which can brighten the under eye area or it can also be used all over the face. To use this under the eyes you would put on foundation, put a light concealer on top to highlight, then pat this powder on top to set the highlight and illuminate under the eyes. I haven’t seen this powder in person, but from reading about it I think the way I’d apply this Tom Ford Illuminating Powder would be with the Real Techniques Setting Brush and not the brush that it comes with:

Real Techniques Setting Brush
Real Techniques Setting Brush

Start with a small amount of powder on the brush and pat it (don’t drag the brush or swipe the brush) on top of your under eye concealer. You could also pat it all over your whole face with this small brush as well as this powder does not have any shimmer in it and it will diffuse the light leaving you more airbrushed looking.

Drugstore Dupe: NYX Radiant Finishing Powder in Brighten ($8.42)

NYX Radiant Finishing Powder in Brighten 

Ok I realize this looks completely different from the Tom Ford Illuminating powder. To use this one you swirl the colors all together with a brush (like the Real Techniques one I posted above) and again you can put this powder under your eyes to brighten or all over the face for a nice radiant finish that’s not too sparkly. I haven’t personally tried this powder before, but it has great reviews so I totally would try it.

Lisa Vanderpump’s Mascara

Lisa Vanderpump’s Pick: Lancome ‘Définicils’ High Definition Mascara ($27.50)

Lancome ‘Définicils’ High Definition Mascara

A lot of people like Lancome mascaras, but I personally have yet to find a high-end mascara that’s worth the price.

Drugstore Dupe: L’Oreal Voluminous Volume Building Mascara in Blackest Black ($5.60)


This is one the Kardashians love and so does Lisa’s co-star Kyle Richards. if you really want great lashes, it’s not the mascara that’s important it’s the falsies which was on the previous post of Lisa Vanderpump’s beauty secrets.

Lisa Vanderpump’s Compact Powder Foundation

Lisa Vanderpump’s Pick: Rilastil Makeup Compact Powder ($33.60)

Rilastil Makeup Compact Powder


I’m usually hard pressed to find a makeup brand I’ve never heard of, but this Italian brand is new to me. I have no clue where you can buy this makeup in person in the US as I’ve never seen it in person.

Drugstore Dupe: One great drugstore pressed powder is Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder ($8 on Amazon, as low as $4 at other chains)

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

. I personally have used this powder before and it’s great. The only negative about it is the packaging because sometimes the plastic top can break, so be careful with it.

Lisa Vanderpump and Giggy. Photo from Lisa Vanderpump’s Facebook page.

Lisa Vanderpump’s Cream Concealer and Corrector

Lisa Vanderpump’s Pick: Koh Gen Do ‘Maifanshi’ Moisture Concealer ($58) This is a little set of 3 different cream concealer shades, 2 of which are very peach-toned which is excellent for color correcting dark circles. Here’s how to use it from the Nordstrom website – Use the darker shade for undereye circles and for neutralizing bluish dark shadows. Apply a light concealer or foundation after the dark shade, being careful not to blend but to stipple or dab the color on top to cover. Use the medium shade to cover discolorations. Use the light shade as a base on your eyelids to even and brighten. Apply it around the nasolabial fold to diffuse the line. Mix the three shades to best match your skin tone for a perfect natural finish.nyx-conceal-correct-contour-concealer-lisa-vanderpump-drugstore-dupeDrugstore Dupe: NYX 3 C Conceal Correct Contour Palette ($12.85) This little NYX palette comes with twice as many shades to play with as well as a brown that can be used to contour. There’s also a medium and dark version of this palette. Again, the pinky/salmon colors can be used first to correct dark circles and then you can pat a lighter color on top to conceal and highlight.

Lisa Vanderpump’s Pink Lipliner



Lisa Vanderpump’s Pick: Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil in Ballet Pink ($23) – This color looks like a nice natural lip color that would help add definition to your lip line or even to over line lips with.


Drugstore Dupe: Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in Eestend Snob ($5) – Now, I realize that in these pictures these two colors look nothing alike, but from comparing other swatches I think the Bobbi Brown picture is making theirs look darker than it is and I own the Rimmel one and it is darker than this picture is showing. This is actually my favorite lip liner of all time I highly recommend it. You may remember it from my Kylie Jenner Lip Color Drugstore Dupe post.

Table for 2 please. Photo from Lisa Vanderpump’s Facebook page.

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