Amazon Beauty Favorites

  1. White Terry Cloth Spa Headbands – Ok I’m a total dork for getting these, but I love using them when working on my skin care to make sure I don’t get my roots wet!

2. Real Techniques Sculpting Brush – Great for liquid and cream bronzers or blushes.

3. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask – This is a gel moisturizer that you’re supposed to put all over your face after you’ve done the rest of your night time skin routine, but it also works well during the day when you need a little extra hydration.

4. TONY MOLY I’m Real Sheet Masks (Pack of 11) – Sheet masks are so awesome and these are some of the cheapest I’ve found so I’ve been loving them.

5. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder – I totally use this as dry shampoo when I know I will not be in the mood to wash my hair in the morning (it’s best to put it in the night before!)

6. Makeup Remover Cloths – These got their own post.

7. PleasingCare Natural Green Tea Oil Blotting Tissues – Love these for afternoons when I’m starting to get oily. Always use one (or a few if you’re as oily as I am) before applying more powder.

8. Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer in Fair – Absolutely love this stuff it is comparable to NARS and I prefer it over the Urban Decay Naked concealer.

9. TweezerGuru Slant Tweezers – These have been awesome. Super sharp and great price. Best tweezers I’ve ever owned.

10. ALASKA BEAR Silk Pillowcase – I’ve been using this for a few months now and really like it. Plus even though it’s hand wash only I’ve thrown it in the wash and it has been fine 🙂

11. ABC Pro Makeup Powder Brush – I use this for bronzer and blending contour and I think the quality is super nice for the price!

12. Beauty Aura Jojoba Oil – This is awesome on your face as a moisturizer, it fights acne, and you can also use it on your body and in your hair! I need to repurchase because I finished my whole bottle already.

13. Innisfree No-sebum Mineral Powder – This powder is amazing at not only preventing oil (but not all oil!), but also at filling in pores to make your skin look more flawless! Just repurchased it and my replacement is on its way!

14. Kingfansion Flat Contour Brush – I really like this knockoff of the NARS Ita brush for contouring and chiseling out cheekbones.

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