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Crystals have been gaining popularity lately as they are able to help with anything from love to money or can even help deepen meditation and connect you to your chakras. If you are a crystal newbie, I recommend reading over A Beginner’s Guide to Healing Crystals to learn a little bit more about how they work.

Since we’re all using our rock babies to help manifest our destinies, it only makes sense that they’ve made their way to our nails seeing as they are naturally beautiful.

Rose Quartz Nails

Rose quartz pink crystal nail design and nail art
Rose Quartz nails posted by @onehauteblonde on Instagram

I am OBSESSED with Abigail’s (@onehauteblonde) stunning Rose Quartz Nails. These beautiful babies inspired this post! Abigail said her nail artist used a gel polish and hand painted the design on top. Rose Quartz is the Crystal of Unconditional Love (for yourself and others!) It helps dissolve emotional wounds, fears and resentments, and helps open the heart to truly give and receive love from others aka it’s a single girl’s BFF.

DIY Rose Quartz Crystal Nails

Rose Quartz Nails by lang4287 on Reddit

Here’s a tutorial I found on Reddit of DIY Rose Quartz Crystal Nails (see above for final look). She used Wet N Wild Tickled Pink nail polish, NYC nail polish in French White Tip, an acrylic clear round nail art tips/DIY/practice wheel tool, a nail striper brushacetoneSeche Vite top coat, and I’d recommend an empty nail polish bottle so you don’t have to use 3/4s of a bottle of Seche Vite to create the diluted pink color.

Clear Quartz Crystal Nails

Clear quartz is an energizing and healing crystal. It can help with meditation and add clarity to thinking and awareness. It also will amplify energy and thoughts with more intensity.

I found an awesome DIY crystal nail tutorial similar to the rose quartz style, but with a more clear quartz look by Lexa @glitterfingersss on IG. Here’s what they look like:

DIY Crystal Nail Art by @glitterfingersss blog

Lexa used a silicone “workstation” and recommends the Bundle Monster Lotus Mat or an Uber Mat, clear nail polish, white nail polish (my fave is Essie Blanc), nail polish thinner and acetone. She made a diluted white polish by mixing clear nail polish, a few drops of white polish, and some nail polish thinner into an empty nail polish bottle. She made a handy Instagram video of the process.

Abstract Clear Quartz Geode Crystal Nails

I love this more abstract take on the geode mani by Nina of @ninanailedit:

Gold and clear quartz geode nail design by @lechatnails posted by @ninanailedit on Instagram

I also love the combination of some crystal statement nails with a few solid nails thrown in for contrast like these by @goldentouchsalon:

Clear Quartz Nail Design by @goldentouchsalon on Instagram

Amethyst Geode Nails

Amethyst Geode nail design by @nailthoughts on Insagram

I’m also loving this different style that looks like an amethyst geode by @nailthoughts! Amethyst helps stimulate and soothe the mind and emotions. It creates a protective shield around the body blocking negative energy and enhances creativity, imagination, and passion.

Amethyst Crystal Nails

Here’s a simpler, yet still gorgeous version by @baybeebat along with instructions:

DIY Amethyst nail art by @baybeebat on IG

Amethyst nails to match my beautiful teardrop plugs from @UKCustomPlugs .#amethyst #amethystnails #purplenails #purple #nailart #nailstagram #plugs #gauges #teardrop #studs #gold @collectionlove @rimmellondon @barrymcosmetics @sechenails . • Sally Hansen Complete Care base coat • COLLECTION Lasting Gel Colour “Crystal Clear” . • Rimmel Pro Salon [Kate] “Seduce” (purple) • Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine “Plum” (dark purple) • Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine “Prickly Pear” (lilac) • Gold triangle studs • Seche Vite top coat . I mixed Crystal Clear with Seduce to make a nice jelly, and used it as a base colour. I sponged Plum, Seduce and Prickly Pear over each nail, then topped with more of the purple jelly mix. I stuck the studs on, then topped with Seche Vite.

Emma used Sally Hansen Treatment Complete 7 in 1 Nail Treatment as a base coat. She mixed Collection Nail Polish Lasting Gel Colour in Crystal Clear which gives nails a shiny gel-polish like shine with Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish by Kate in Seduce (purple) to make a jelly-like base color. She sponged Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Plum (dark purple) and Prickly Pear (lilac) and topped with more of the purple jelly mix. She added gold triangle studs and then used cult favorite nail polish top coat- Seche Vite to seal it all together.

Here is an awesome combination of the geode and amethyst print crystal nails by @24karatnailz (who is a nail artist in LA!!) posted by @coordinatedcourtney

Amethyst nail design done in Los Angeles by @24karatnailz reposted by @coordinatedcourtney on Instagram
Amethyst nail design by @24karatnailz reposted by @coordinatedcourtney on Instagram

3D Amethyst Crystal Nails

Yet another take on amethyst crystal nails this time with 3D embellishments and gold foil! PS You can find gold foil for nail art on Amazon. This is by @nailbonbonshop

Amethyst Geode Crystal Nail Design with gold foil by @nailbonbonshop on Instagram
Amethyst Geode Crystal Nail Design with gold foil by @nailbonbonshop on Instagram

Labradorite Crystal Nails

Labradorite crystals help with your spiritual connection directing energy with more intensity allowing you to connect to your higher self. It can also help clear and protect your aura and stimulate your intuition. Don’t these labradorite crystal nails from Cream Puff salon in Japan just look magical? They were posted by Mika aka @lovepuff53:

Labradorite Crystal Nail Design on Acrylic Nails by @lovepuff53 on IG
Labradorite Crystal Nail Design on Acrylic Nails by @lovepuff53 on IG

Here’s another gorgeous version of labradorite crystal nails from the same artist:

Labradorite crystal nail design with blue crystals and holographic crystals
Labradorite Crystal Nail Design by @LovePuff53 on Instagram

Crystal Nail Salons

Something fun I learned while making this post- lots of nail salons are named after crystals! Aventurine Nails, Aquamarine Nails, Tiger Eye Nails, and Citrine Nail.

Best Nail Salon in Los Angeles

If you’re in LA and want to get this done I would recommend Pampered Hands on Melrose since they can do just about anything you can dream up or find on Instagram!

What do you think of the crystal nail trend? Have you tried it? What crystal would you pick? Tell me in the comments below! I’d love to see more peacock ore nails!

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