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So we’re all looking like sparkling mermaid unicorn princesses more and more everyday and I’m loving it! The latest beauty trend is rainbow highlighters. If you’ve never used a highlighter or are unsure what I mean by highlighter, let’s break it down. A highlighter can be liquid, cream, or powder and is meant to draw attention to wherever it is applied by catching and reflecting light and sparkle. Highlighters are what give you a blinging cheek bone and a jLo glow (you may remember them from my Lilly Ghalichi makeup post). They can be subtle, or lately people really want them to be seen from space so an INTENSE highlight is hot right now on Instagram and YouTube. You apply highlighters with a brush, a sponge/beauty blender, or your fingers. You can apply it before or after your face makeup (or both!) You can also layer multiple highlighters to make them more intense. If I want to really glow I will prime my face, then use a liquid highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose which I blend in with my fingers. I then apply foundation/concealer/powder/bronzer/blush and then put a final layer of highlighter on top to make it pop as a finishing touch with my makeup. Check out this post to see¬†how I get a nice intense glow.

Previously everyone was wearing highlighters in more neutral shades- champagne, gold, bronze, rose gold, opal, pearl, etc. but lately highlighters have been taken to the next level for those brave enough to rock the Rainbow highlight. Here’s what it looks like:

Bitter Lace Beauty Rainbow Highlighters aka “Prism”

Rainbow highlighter from Bitter Lace Beauty
Rainbow highlighter called “Prism” from Bitter Lace Beauty

Here’s the owner of Bitter Lace Beauty wearing it on top of her cheekbones:

bitterlacebeauty-rainbow-highlight on Instagram wearing her handmade Prism Rainbow Highlighter

You can check out the Bitter Lace Beauty instagram to find out updates of when this extremely popular highlighter will be restocked. She previously was selling them on Etsy where they had great reviews, but now they are being sold exclusively through her website The highlighter is $22 and you can buy a $5 clear compact to store it in or you can just put it in a Z-palette. They are not only handmade, but cruelty free as well! Of course with a product this popular the knock-offs have already begun, but I think holding off to buy the real deal from a small business owner is the way to go. Here’s some swatches:

Rainbow highlighter swatches from’s Instagram
Rainbow highlighter swatches on darker skin tones from on IG

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