Date Night Idea – Painting Ceramics

Last night it was my turn to plan a date and I decided to go with something super sexy… just kidding I picked one of my favorite things to do growing up- painting ceramics. When I originally pitched this idea to my friends to see what they thought everyone immediately pictured the movie Ghost and some sexy clay wheel pottery action, but I researched that and it costs like almost $200 for 2 people so that is not what I did.

ghost-demi-moore-patrick-swayze-movie-pottery-class-clayMy date and I went to Glaze Fire in Silverlake (similar to a Color Me Mine, or my old faves Do Art and Village Paint Pot). At Glaze Fire you pick out a premade ceramic object and paint or decorate it to your hearts content. You pay $10 per person for the sitting fee which includes the supplies (paint, brushes, etc.) and the glazing once you’re done. You also pay for the object you choose to paint. Mine was a regular coffee mug and it was $15 to give you a rough idea. At Glaze Fire they have mostly items that have a purpose too so things you can actually use once you make them. They had plates, cups, mugs, spoon rests, trinket trays, boxes, coin banks, and more. Sarah was working there the night we went and she was awesome at explaining how everything worked and giving us tips on our paintings. 


If you know me then you know I’m an insane Beyonce Stan Beyhive member so of course I had to pay homage to Beyonce’s Lemonade by painting a lemon emoji on the side of a coffee mug. I can’t wait to drink coffee and wine (not at the same time though) out of this beauty:


The place has a few long tables then a couple smaller ones and they play music too. This is good because no one wants to worry that the people next to them are overhearing their (potentially) awkward date conversation. I called ahead to ask about the sip portion of the paint and sip set-up and they told me it’s totally cool to bring your own wine just to be sure and bring cups as well and they provided the wine key. They don’t sell any food or drinks at Glaze Fire so it’s a good idea to bring something with you. Or you can always go to the Alcove beforehand or afterwards for dinner.

The other part I really like about Glaze Fire is that they’re open until 10pm 7 days a week. This is great for when you want to do a night date somewhere that’s not too creepy. There’s 2 parking spots on the side of the building and street parking available. Or if you want to drink a whole bunch just Uber because you don’t take your pieces home with you you have to pick them up 4 days later when they’re glazed.

Glaze Fire was super cute and I thought it was a really fun date (IMHO). It’s relaxing and fun to express some creativity and gives you something to talk about so you don’t feel like you’re just interviewing each other. They also offer 2 craft classes a week if you’re wanting to try something new. I would definitely recommend it check it out on the Glaze Fire website for more info.

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