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Hello gorgeous people! If you’re following me on Instagram ( @blushinginhollywood ) you would know that I recently had a big move! After 7 years of living in Hollywood I have moved into an apartment in Beverly Hills. That’s right we’re #blushinginBH now! I used the app Lugg for moving and it was super simple and efficient. I also scheduled last minute with no issues.

I’ve since used the Lugg app 2 more times to move some furniture. I included reviews about those experiences as well. I love outsourcing. Check out my YouTube video all about my Lugg app experience:

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In the past month I’ve used the Lugg App 3 different times in 3 different ways and wanted to share my experiences. Moving is super stressful and relying on an app you’ve never used before and hoping they show up on time and do a great job takes some faith! Luckily the Lugg App has worked amazing for me from my big apartment move all the way to moving heavy furniture from my car up the stairs to my apartment. Lugg is backed by a multi-million dollar insurance policy from the moment your items are in their hands.


Lugg App for Moving

I used the Lugg App to move from my shared apartment in Hollywood to my own 1 bedroom apartment in Beverly Hills. I was moving a king sized bed, a desk, a table, an IKEA ALEX DIY vanity, 3 IKEA ALEX 5 drawer sets, a desk chair, an IKEA RAST DIY nightstand, 2 book cases, a coffee table, all of my kitchen supplies, and all of my personal belongings.

For my furniture I took the legs off of tables and took solid objects out of drawers, but I kept clothes in my dresser and did not tape or plastic wrap any drawer sets. I did not wrap any pieces in blankets the Lugg drivers bring their own and were able to do that for me.

I packed all of my things into boxes that I bought on Amazon. I invested in nice boxes so I could start packing early and stack everything up and not worry about the boxes breaking.

The only things I moved myself were a backpack that included my important documents (passport, social security card, etc.), my laptop, and some basic supplies like toilet paper, hand soap, paper towels, and all-purpose cleaner. This way I had them handy. I also had bottles of water on hand at my old apartment and brought them to the new place and offered them to my Luggers.

Lugg App for picking up Craigslist furniture/Facebook Marketplace furniture

I love a good deal and a lot of my furniture is used and from Craigslist and/or FB marketplace. I was previously limited because if I wanted to buy a couch I would have to rent a truck from UHaul or Home Depot, drive it to the location, then figure out how to move something I probably couldn’t lift out of that persons place and into mine. Now I can just order a Lugg to do this for me. I factor this into the price I’m willing to pay for the piece.

The app gives you a handy estimator for how much any move will cost. A perk of buying IKEA items used online? You don’t have to put them together!

Lugg App for Moving Heavy Furniture

You can have Luggers move heavy items from your car into your apartment (or vice versa). After fighting with my family at IKEA I knew that spending $100 on a couple of strong guys to carry these pieces up the stairs was going to be worth every penny. It may not look like it was much, but the Luggers were sweating profusely after that 25 minutes. Plus the stairway in my building is somewhat narrow so I’m always nervous about scuffing up the walls or the pieces on the way up.

Task Rabbit

Another app I used to salvage my relationships with my family: Task Rabbit. I used the Task Rabbit app to hire someone to put together my bed frame and new kitchen table (and to take down the garbage to the dumpster afterwards). He spent a few hours doing this while we got to go out for pizza and relax. I love technology.

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CITIES LUGG IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN Denver, Sacramento, Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County

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