5 Gifts Your Fella Will Love

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Shopping for your significant other is a rewarding experience. On one hand, the process itself is filled with love (from you!) and on the other, your fella is going to be gifted something he adores. He’ll probably love you more, too. But shopping for specific people isn’t always easy. We all have different tastes, affinities, wants, and needs, and finding the right gift can quickly become a burden. 

Rest assured that this list will provide you with some gifts your fella is sure to love. As you start to think about what to get him, perhaps make it timely, being that the winter season is upon us. 

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A Drone 

The consumer drone has disrupted the market place, and they’re more affordable than ever. If your boyfriend is a tech junky, then he’s going to adore this gift. Yet, even if that’s not the case, a drone can service anyone who likes photography, adventure, or flying. Pick up one of the smaller units and provide your fella with a new aerial photography machine—one that can capture the romantic moments of your honeymoon! Maybe he’ll even become a pro and start his own drone business

Workout Headphones 

Most people that live a healthy lifestyle enjoy the gym. And most people who work out do so with music blaring to keep their blood pumping. Thing is, through friction, sweat, and the rigorous mobility involved with working out, headphones that aren’t engineered for such conditions can easily break. If your fella loves to get in those gains but doesn’t have proper headphones, it’s a great idea to invest in a quality pair for him. You’ll transform his workouts and set a standard he probably won’t go below again. This is one of those ‘I didn’t know I needed it’ presents that become a necessity in everyday life. 

Note from Lindsay: I have and use my AirPods CONSTANTLY. LOVE them.

Fashion Accessories 

Dependent on the type of fella you’re dating, he may never buy the ‘extras’ many consider essential to fashion and aesthetic beauty. This can be anything from a scarf, to cuff links, to jewelry, to a timepiece. Speaking of the latter, mostly any guy is going to love a new watch—more so if they’ve never had a nice one to wear. If you’re thinking this is the way to go, then consider this review of MVMT watches and research any other type of timepiece you’re keen on. Men (in general) tend to be a bit more minimal, in which case you could take the initiative to spruce up your SO’s wardrobe! 


You can never have enough slippers. With the winter around the corner and the holiday season in mind, gifting your fella with some comfy new indoor winterwear is a gift that’ll keep on giving. He’ll think of you when his feet don’t freeze at every step on the cold hardwood and be forever grateful. Not to mention you can personalize the gift (think of embroidering something small on them) and make it unique. Top him off with a comfy robe some joggers and  and he’ll be lounging in style.

Something Personal 

No matter what kind of person you’re dating, anything tailored toward them is going to be a hit. While men tend to pretend they’re not romantics, going out of your way to gift your guy with something unique will be a present both cherished and remembered. In which case, think outside the box and gift something special. This could be a framed photograph with a letter on the back, an engraved pocket knife, a weekend getaway to a place he’s been wanting to visit, or tickets to a show their favorite band is headlining his favorite band. The memories you make, and the special bond you share, is going to trump any material good the marketplace has to offer. 

Shopping isn’t always easy and no matter how much love is in the intention, finding that perfect gift can become a stressful and arduous endeavor. Just remember that your boyfriend is going to love anything you give him—because it came from you. You can take the easy route and shop specifically for his tastes, or you can migrate from the comfort zone and gift him something he doesn’t know he needs. Whatever you choose, the real gift is the love you share. 

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