New Tinder Plus App Costs Money

I had heard rumors here and there about Tinder possibly charging for features over the last few months and those rumors are true it appears! Tinder Plus is an in-app purchase add-on with four main new features: You can change your location, rewind your last swipe, get unlimited likes, and turn off ads for $9.99-19.99 per month in the US (the prices vary in other countries). Tinder Plus has decided to charge different rates for different ages so if you’re in the US and under 30 you pay $9.99 per month and if you’re over 30 it’s $19.99. I read a tweet that said over 28 and almost had a minor melt down (I am 28), but the 28 year old cut off appears to be in the UK . They decided this after a bunch of testing in various countries showed them that people under 30 are more broke/cheap and over 30 are more desperate for love and booty I suppose. You can still download Tinder and use the features you’ve come to know and love over the past couple years for free, but more ads are coming so get ready. Let’s break down these 4 new features:

1. Change Your Location aka Passport feature: This allows you to scope out and connect with out of town hotties BEFORE you land in your vacation destination or business trip location. You are able to swipe and match with people anywhere in the world. I can see how this would be handy. Especially if you’re planning a European vacation to several countries like this lucky girl.

New Tinder Plus feature- choose your location. Picture from @tinder Twitter
New Tinder Plus feature- choose your location. Picture from @tinder Twitter

2. Rewind your last swipe: Tinder users have been begging for this feature since the beginning and now on Tinder Plus you can go back and swipe again if you accidentally swiped left on the Tinderella of your dreams (no glass slipper return required). Maybe Tinder thinks that people over 30 are losing their dexterity and would treasure this feature more.tinder-plus-new-dating-app-blog

3. Turn Off Ads: Regular old Tinder is going to start showing a lot more ads, likely for local bars/restaurants/coffee shops to remind you that you’re supposed to be planning a date not finding a pen pal. Tinder Plus will make sure nothing slows down that magical matchmaking thumb of yours.

4. Unlimited Likes: It is common for guys to “swipe right” or “like” every girl they see and pray for matches and there’s even been other apps created that will do the liking for you if you’re truly lazy and have no soul. Tinder is trying to reign that in by limiting the amount of likes per day on the free version to ensure “the validity of the swipe” because otherwise, what is the point? Also it gives the users more incentive to choose their swipes wisely. I have no clue what the maximum number of likes is because I doubt I’ve ever gotten anywhere near there. If you are maxing out on likes on a regular basis you might want to take some time for self-reflection because what are you even doing with your life??

So what do you think of Tinder Plus? Would you swipe left or swipe right for it? How much would you pay for Tinder Plus? The CEO said Tinder Plus isn’t for everyone, but he expects the heavy Tinder users to pull out their e-wallets. I think I’ve been on a date with one or two of those shells of a human oops I mean heavy users.

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