Sephora VIB Sale Spring 2017 – How It Works, Post Round-Up, and Ebates


It’s almost Sephora VIB Sale time!!! I’d love it if you used this link or click on the banner below to shop the Sephora VIB sale and help support Blushing in Hollywood:

Ok time for a refresher- Sephora’s loyalty program has 3 different levels or tiers. There’s a few things that are true for all 3 tiers:

    • ANYONE can participate in the sale and use the discount code. All you have to do is sign up for free to be a Beauty Insider (see below).
    • You can use the discount online or in store including Sephora in JCPenney locations.
    • You can use the discount as many times as you want during the days it is available. NO LIMIT! You can do both in store and online purchases if you so please 🙂
    • It is valid on EVERY brand in the store (!!) The discount is on your entire purchase.
    • The discount is not applicable to gift cards, Sephora Play! Boxes, or Sephora Flash Shipping ($10/year for free 2-day shipping on every order). Anyone can purchase Flash Shipping for a year and if you are VIB Rouge it’s free/included.

Sephora Beauty Insider – 4/20/17-4/23/17; 10% Discount


The base level is Beauty Insider. Anyone can be a Sephora Beauty Insider it’s free to sign up and there’s no minimum purchase. Once you sign up online or in store you’re eligible to get a free birthday gift during your birthday month (this year you can get a Tarte blush and lip gloss or 2 Caudalie skin care deluxe samples), you can get free beauty classes, and you are able to use the discounts during the Sephora VIB sales. Sephora has it’s biggest sale of the year in November where you will receive 15% off typically if you are a Beauty Insider (and 20% off for VIB and VIB Rouge). The “smaller” sale is in the Spring typically in April and you get 10% off if you are a Beauty Insider from Thursday 4/20/17 through Sunday 4/23/17 both online and in store. The code is BISPRING and if you do not receive the mailer, you can just tell the cashier you want to use the discount.

Sephora VIB – 4/19/17-4/24/17; 15% Discount


To become a Sephora VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider) you must spend $350 per calendar year. To find out if you are VIB you can sign in to your Sephora account and it will tell you your status (see below).

You can see here that I’m at the middle tier- VIB. Last year at Sephora I spent $842 (OMG) which secured my VIB status through December 2017, but January 1st it reset so my year-to-date spending for 2017 is somehow only $40 ($10 x 4 months of my Sephora Play! Box).

In addition to the free birthday gift and beauty classes, you also get additional seasonal savings, handpicked gifts (recommendations), and 1 free custom makeover per year. During the fall VIB sale you get a 20% discount if you’re VIB and for the Spring VIB sale you get a 15% discount. VIB members can access the sale from Wednesday 4/19/17 (so 1 day earlier than Beauty Insiders) until Monday 4/24/17 (1 day after Beauty Insiders, so 2 extra days of access to the sale total). The code is VIBSPRING.

Sephora VIB Rouge Members – 4/18/17-4/24/17; 15%


To become a VIB Rouge Member you must spend $1000 per calendar year. In addition to the free birthday gift, free beauty classes, seasonal savings, and handpicked gifts, you also get multiple free custom makeovers and free 2-day shipping on all orders (probably the best perk), a private Sephora hotline #/on-call beauty concierge, and invitations to exclusive events. There are also a few items that only Sephora VIB Rouge members are able to purchase (Rouge Exclusive). The code is ROUGESPRING and it will work Tuesday 4/18/17 (1 day earlier than VIB and 2 days earlier than Beauty Insiders) until Monday 4/24/17 (same day as VIB, 1 day later than Beauty Insiders. VIB Rouge Members are also able to bring a friend with them to Sephora on April 18th only and both the member and the friend will receive 15% off all purchases (even if the friend is not Rouge or VIB!) and both will also receive a free Sephora canvas tote bag on this day with purchase in store only (source).


15% is alright, but in California that is barely more than the taxes on your Sephora goodies! If you want to get an extra 4% off (in cash back) be sure to use Ebates. To use Ebates just:

1. Sign up with EbatesEbates Coupons and Cash Back

2. Search for Sephora on Ebates and click the “Shop Now” link and it will re-direct you to, but with the Cash Back now activated!

3. Next just shop like you usually would on and then you get your 4% cash back on PayPal (or via a check mailed to you if you prefer) when it’s Big Fat Paycheck time! It’s seriously the easiest website ever. You can even add all of the items to your cart on Sephora while logged into your account, then close the window, open it again through Ebates and all of your items will still be there and then you’ll get the discount! My Lifetime Cash Back on Ebates is currently $574.70! The best part is it’s free and so easy.

Sephora VIB Post Roundup

Here’s a list of all of my previous Sephora VIB posts. Be on the look out for my Spring 2017 recommendations coming very soon!

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