Day 3 in Spain – Wandering Around the Beautiful Beach Town of Sitges

Sitges is a beautiful beach town 30 minutes outside of Barcelona in Spain

Today’s post is a little travel diary of a day where I walked around all of Sitges, Spain exploring. I found a Spanish cemetery, walked along the beach, saw some beautiful old architecture, saw Casa Bacardi Sitges, did a little shopping, and walked down the Passeig Maritim which is the boardwalk.

Sunrise in Sitges, Spain
The beautiful sunrise over the ocean in Sitges, Spain

The morning of my third day in Spain I forced myself out of bed to check out the sunrise which was gorgeous.

Breakfast at Iris Restaurant

I then headed down to the breakfast buffet at the Iris Restaurant where I promptly realized that sleeping through the buffet the day before was one of the top 10 biggest mistakes of my life.

Pastries from the outstanding breakfast buffet at Iris Restaurant at Hotel Estela in Barcelona

These pastries were insanely good and I hit the Nespresso machine hard drinking tons of Espresso.

Tarta de Queso yogurt at Iris Restaurant at Hotel Estela in Sitges Spain

Molly had a mystery yogurt at breakfast which I’m guessing was cherry cheesecake flavor?

Exploring Sitges, Spain Solo

Lindsay beauty travel dating blogger from Blushing in Hollywood

Then I popped on a fun bun and my new fave camo t-shirt from Target.

Spanish Cemetery in Sitges, Spain

I was off to explore and photograph Sitges all day while Molly went to her conference. I decided to walk the opposite way into town and I stumble upon an amazing cemetery:

Cemetery in Sitges, Spain
A cemetery in Sitges, Spain

It was so amazing to stumble upon this cemetery and see such grand dedications to these peoples lives in the form of statues and things.

San Sebastian Beach

I walk around the corner and I’m back at the beach 🙂

San Sebastian Beach in Sitges Barcelona Spain
San Sebastian Beach in Sitges Spain

Around Town in Sitges

They had the best street signs in Sitges.

Calle de San Juan street sign in Sitges Spain
Calle de San Juan street sign in Sitges, Spain

And house signs.

House sign in Sitges Spain
The sign on someone’s house in Sitges
Water fountain in Sitges, Spain
Water fountain in Sitges, Spain

Even the water fountains were awesome.

Alley way in Sitges Spain
Even alleyways in Sitges are cuter.

Also most alley-ways in Europe are about 8 billion times less sketchy and a million times more charming than the ones in the US.

Casa Bacardi Sitges

We never quite made it to Casa Bacardi Sitges when it was actually open, but I read online they do a tasting and then you make mojitos which sounded fun.

Casa Bacardi in Sitges Spain
Casa Bacardi in Sitges Spain

As if the art that was at our hotel wasn’t enough, there’s tons of awesome galleries and art everywhere in Sitges. This is a really cool sculpture of a bull. Fun fact I learned on my trip- bull fights are outlawed now in Barcelona.

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A bull statue in an art gallery in Sitges

Yet another gallery and one of my favorite apartment buildings there.

Apartment building in Sitges

Tou Tou

Then I got super excited because this little Tou Tou store was actually open when I walked by! Things in Spain are closed at very random times throughout the day.

Tou Tou store in Sitges Spain
Tou Tou boutique in Sitges

At Tou Tou they have really awesome eclectic home decor. Lots of rhinestone leopards so right up my alley.

Tou Tou store in Sitges Spain
Home decor for sale in Tou Tou boutique in Sitges

I didn’t buy anything, but only because it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase.

Tou Tou store in Sitges Spain
In Tou Tou boutique in Sitges

Walking Along the Water in Sitges

I was about to say then I went back to the water where more amazing art was just everywhere, and then I realized that’s the little Bacardi bat signal in the center haha.

Bacardi sculpture in Sitges Spain
Bacardi Sculpture in Sitges

Passeig Maritim

Then I walked all the way down the entire length of the Passeig Maritim which is the #1 of 38 things to do in Sitges according to Trip Advisor.

Another thing I learned on this trip: Trip Advisor is the Yelp of places outside the US. It was SUPER helpful.

Passeig Maritim Sitges Spain

Passeig Maritim is an excellent place for people watching. I didn’t mean to take a picture of this man in the red shorts (or did I…) but he was the most quintessential old European man jogger ever and I was loving it. He was shuffling his feet so it looked like he was running, but he was still going almost slower than a walking pace. But, hey, he was out there wasn’t he!?

Runner on Passieg Maritim in Sitges Spain
Passieg Maritim is a great place for a walk, jog, bike ride, etc. in Sitges.

This also reminds me that even though it was in the 60s-70s in the sun it was HOT. I really wished I would have brought workout outfits for these big walks.

These are what the beach signs look like in Sitges. They also have a loud speaker that comes on all over the entirety of Sitges that tells you which beaches NOT to swim at. They say it in Spanish, English, and French and it kind of sounds like the government is trying to brain wash you when you’re jet lagged and half asleep.

Terramar beach, Sitges, Spain
Terramar Beach sign in Sitges

Beach Front Homes in Sitges

I then did some real estate browsing having my own personal episode of International House Hunters trying to find my Spain summer beach home.

Houses in Sitges Spain

Then shit got weird.

Dune rats van in Sitges Spain
Dune rats van with Bart Simpson smoking mural in Sitges Spain

Ok I think that’s plenty of photos for this post, I will make a part 2 including my tour of the Torres Vineyards and one of the best dinners I had of the trip!

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