My first day in Paris and a trip to the Louvre!

Traveling to Paris and The Louvre

Bonjour friends! When I last blogged about my European adventure I was in Barcelona, Spain and today we are heading to Paris and The Louvre via this blog post!

On our flight from Barcelona to Paris a family was getting into a verbal altercation the minute we landed that was escalating quickly. They were screaming at each other in French and the whole plane was just silent and watching them. Finally one of them said “comme çi comme ça” which is one of only about 10 words in my French vocabulary and it means “so-so” and then the fight ended on that very strange note. Then someone behind us said “That’s French people for you… Welcome to Paris.”

One difference between Barcelona and Paris is that Uber is actually outlawed in Barcelona. Once we landed in Paris we requested an Uber and after 15 minutes of trying to have a “where are you?” conversation when we don’t speak the same language, our very patient and very hot and well dressed Uber driver found us. This was a trend that continued good Lord are French guys hot! The driver put on a hip-hop radio station which had American songs with French verses added to them and it hit me “Wow I am actually in Paris!”

Paris is divided up like a pie into 20 arrondissements and we stayed in the 9th at Hotel Maxim Folies which was a cute little boutique hotel. Maxim Folies is not right in the center of all of the action, but that was fine because Paris was very walkable.

The lobby of our boutique hotel in Paris Maxim Folies
The lobby of our boutique hotel in Paris Maxim Folies

Our room was very big city European (read: small) and looked straight out of Ikea, but it worked well for us since we didn’t spend much time in it. Why don’t showers in Europe have doors or curtains by the way? The weather was awesome when we arrived in Paris it was in the 60s so we opened the window in our room and the fattest pigeon I’ve ever seen had a nest about 5 ft. away. I might have slept a little better if the thought of it flying into our room in the middle of the night would have stopped constantly popping into my head.

A room in the Maxim Folies boutique hotel in Paris

We were hungry so we wandered around the neighborhood for some brunch and stumbled upon Cafe PINSON. Cafe Pinson’s eclectic vibe and health-conscious (and expensive) menu made me feel like we were in Venice, CA. I was worried that all of the food was going to be super expensive in Paris because people say it’s an expensive city, but luckily there are lots of good deals to be had. Plus I really needed to eat a vegetable at this point in the trip.

Brunch at Cafe PINSON in Paris

The museums are free the first Sunday of the month in Paris which happened to be the day we arrived, so we decided to fight the crowds and walked over to the Louvre. The Louvre is a literal PALACE that is a work of art all in itself! You come through these arches that the tour buses can barely squeeze through to get in.


Look how happy we are to be there!:


Before I went to Paris people said it’s way too huge to really enjoy and it’s kind of boring. I agree that it is insanely massive, but seeing it in person was incredible!

The Louvre in Paris

You know those glass pyramids that everyone takes perspective pictures with? Yeah, those are at the Louvre. They’re actually the entrance to it you go into the pyramid and then down to the lobby. It was very entertaining watching person after person taking the “finger on top of the pyramid” picture.

The glass pyramids are the entrance to the Louvre

There was a line to get in and it was crowded, but the wait was not insanely long by any means. I think we waited less than 5 minutes. Once you’re in the lobby you’re greeted with this sign (below). Traveling to Europe made me realize that in LA I’m never worried about pick pockets. It’s nice that I don’t have to wear a money belt or carry cash in my boot when I go to LACMA. I mean, I’m sure violent muggings are much more prevalent in LA, but at least I don’t have to worry about pickpockets.

Pickpocket warning sign at the Louvre in Paris

Everywhere you look the details are just incredible. Being the tacky girl I am I also loved how gold, gaudy, and over the top it was.

The Louvre in Paris is super GOLD!

Yass! Too much is never enough!!

The Louvre in Paris

Even the ceilings are extremely intricate! I know it seems obvious, but in my opinion the Louvre is something you can’t miss.

The ceilings at the Louvre in Paris

Even if it feels like room after room after room of statues and you don’t feel refined enough to appreciate them.

Statues at the Louvre in Paris

Even though there’s a crowd around the Mona Lisa that looks like this (below). Note the security guard on the left breaking up a fight that was starting to break out.

A crowd of people taking a picture of the Mona Lisa

It’s still an absolute must.

Louvre Museum in Paris

My only regret at the Louvre was not taking a photo out of the window of this huge purple flower wall I saw. It wasn’t until later that night that we saw signs and realized that we were actually in Paris during fashion week! Very Devil Wears Prada. Anyways I googled it and of course this work of art was part of a runway show! Finding out it was fashion week also helped make sense of the fancy woman that arrived just before us who was being followed by her glam squad and photographed.

Purple flower wall Dior runway show at the Louvre Paris fashion weekAnd guess who was there 2 days before us?

Rihanna at the Dior Show at the Louvre in Paris fashion week

SLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned for more Paris posts!


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