Texting Etiquette for Dating


To text or not to text? There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there when it comes to texting etiquette and after thinking about it and discussing it with some friends I have come to the conclusion that if you want to text someone, just go ahead and do it. Don’t over think it, don’t try to cleverly craft a the “perfect text” that takes an hour, several revisions, and at least 3 friend’s approvals. Just send the text you were thinking of and be done with it. Now let’s address some fears:

1. What if I seem too interested? Well, are you interested? If so, when was the last time you really liked someone and thought “wow I really like this person, if only they would stop texting me and giving me attention it’s such a turn off.” That would probably fall in the rarely to never category. Even if they do get a bit overzealous with the texting and you’re genuinely too busy to keep up it’s typically endearing if you like them. If you’re a person that likes to text with your significant other often then you might as well be who you truly are right from the beginning. If you try to curate this perfect, controlled, busy persona of someone who is too mysterious to text back in a timely manner it will be impossible to keep up with and the real texting you will come out eventually. If a person doesn’t like you because you’re “too interested” then guess what? They are emotionally unavailable and you don’t want to date them anyway!

2. What if I say the wrong thing? Texting gives you the advantage of time to carefully craft what you will say, but that is not how real life is. In real life you say things that are boring, tell bad jokes, and are actually interested in this person and act accordingly so why try to prevent yourself from being the same way via texting? The person should like all the parts of you including your bad jokes and overused emojis.

3. What if my texting makes them not like me or not want to see me again? THIS IS AN IDEAL SCENARIO. Yup, you heard me. If your texting is going to turn them off or make them leave you guess what? They were going to do that eventually anyway!!! They were going to get bored with you or distracted by another girl or guy no matter how many or how few texts you sent them!! So why not be yourself and force their hand faster? Don’t waste your youth in texting and dating limbo. Find someone who likes you and looks forward to your texts!

And finally I asked my friend Rachel aka Tasha Reign if she had any advice for Blushing in Hollywood readers about texting etiquette and her response was “Text back right away or die.” Be on the look out for our upcoming YouTube video on How to Do Your Makeup Like a Pornstar coming soon!

What do you think? Do you have any tips for texting etiquette? 

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