Tinder in Brooklyn

Yesterday I stumbled upon an amazing Tumblr called Tinder in Brooklyn. It was created by a fellow Lindsay who is online looking for love and finding a lot of… other stuff… and it is hilarious. Here’s one of my faves:



Here’s a few more gems:






Personally, I haven’t been on Tinder (or a date, period) since that Tinder date left me at the bar. I have, however, been matched with some really good looking guys on Dating Ring and downloaded Hinge last night and holy hot dudes alert. For some reason they’re all in tuxedos on Hinge too which I am not complaining about. Hinge is going to be refreshing their app soon and they have asked me to try it out so look out for a post on that soon!

Check out Tinder in Brooklyn to see more of these!


Author: Lindsay

Lindsay is the creator of Blushing in Hollywood a beauty, dating, travel and lifestyle blog based in Los Angeles, California.

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