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Tinder is great I met one of my boy BFFs there and dated a couple of other Tinder matches. It IS possible to get a relationship out of Tinder if that’s what you’re looking for. These are a couple Tinder tips if you’re looking for more than just a hook-up. If you’re just using Tinder for entertainment then you just keep doin you boo.

Tips for getting more likes on Tinder


1. Your first meeting shouldn’t be you going over his place to “hang out” I don’t care what movie/liquor/video game he has to lure you in with he has to get off his ass and take you somewhere public for your first date.

2. If a guy says he wants to take you out this weekend and by Thursday you don’t have a location or a time that date is most likely not going to happen. I don’t care what he was so busy with that caused him to not make a real plan. He’s a time waster and I suggest you block him.

3. Don’t be embarrassed if your friend/coworker/neighbor finds you on Tinder, pretty much everyone has it or has at least tried it at this point. How do you think I got the pic for this post?

4. Not sure which way to swipe? Ask yourself honestly “would I ever sleep with this person?” and if the answer is “probably not” swipe left! No point in wasting your time or his.

For a funny Tinder video that was on Conan:

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