Why Cruelty-Free Products Not Only Benefit Our Beloved Animals

Cruelty Free Makeup and Beauty Products

Today we have an awesome collaboration guest post all about Cruelty Free beauty products! If you want to read more about cruelty free makeup and beauty products be sure to check out my post on Makeup Made in the USA which lists if the lines are cruelty free or not. Enjoy!

The beauty industry has risen to be one of the biggest commercial industries. However, there are still some cosmetics companies that do animal testing. While Korean beauty companies like Missha take pride in their company ethics, practices and values, there are still a lot of globally-available companies that pay for animal testing in China. You’d be surprised how a lot of these animal-cruel products still hit the shelf.

Animal cruelty is a serious offense but some companies still spend money on having their products tested on animals. There are a lot of reasons behind this practice, and this kind of testing has been done by top beauty brands for centuries. While some companies have stopped this kind of testing and resorted to healthier alternatives, there are still those that have stayed in the dark ages of product testing.

Here are some reasons why you should be supporting companies with cruelty-free products:

1. Supporting good business practices

When you buy cruelty-free products, you are supporting companies that do good business practices. There is a saying that the customer is always right, and this is particularly true with how companies run their businesses. If customers demanded companies to stop testing their products on animals then they will be forced to change their business practices.

This kind of change will benefit the way companies see their products and the effects of these products to others. If consumers support cruelty-free products then they will continue to have profits and they won’t have to resort to using harmful chemicals to continue operation.

2. Buying healthier products that are good for actual humans

In order to make sure that products are good for humans, companies should add natural and organic products. However, those kinds of ingredients are more costly and they expire quicker, which is why most companies try to look for alternatives in chemicals that don’t spoil as quickly. That’s why they need to test these products on animals because they haven’t been proven to be safe yet.

If you buy cruelty-free products, you’ll be buying products that don’t need to be tested on animals because they are already good for humans. These healthier alternatives are better for you, and not just beneficial to the animals that don’t have to be tested.

3. Being a more responsible consumer

When you prefer cruelty-free products, you are on your way to becoming a more socially-conscious and responsible consumer. Aside from researching about the products, their ingredients, effects and others, you should also take the time to research on the businesses that make them. Research on companies and their ethical practices, culture, social contributions, and others.

If you buy cruelty-free products, you are exercising your right as a responsible consumer. Information is always readily available so it’s important that you use the technology you have to make sound purchase decisions. 

4. Rewarding companies that prioritize compassion over profits

The main reason why companies don’t always produce cruelty-free products is because of the fact that they need evidence that the chemicals, which are often harmful, are good for humans. The chemicals are easier to reproduce and manufacture, which is why most companies prefer them to natural methods.

If consumers make it a point to support companies that do cruelty-free practices then these businesses will thrive and be able to compete against larger corporations. You will be rewarding these good companies and you will be helping the animals, at the same time.

5. Cruelty-free products are safer for the environment

Cruelty-free products don’t just benefit the animals, but also the environment as a whole. When factories stop using harmful chemicals in their products, then they could start using healthier and more natural alternatives. The environment will last longer if factories don’t keep pumping out harmful sulfurs and chemical wastes.

Products like fermented skin care items that go through a natural process are better for the environment.

Final Thoughts

The 21st century has made information more accessible and reliable so it’s important to take advantage of such channels. Make sound consumer decisions in your cosmetic choices. When people start boycotting companies that test products on animals, these companies will be forced to do more ethical business practices and start testing their products on humans, instead.

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