I know the words “airport” and “beauty” don’t typically go together, but today I’m going to show you my secret hacks! Just don’t tell anyone, ok ;)?


Before a flight I like to blow my hair out straight. When I get on the plane I twist a low pig tail on both sides twisting away from my face into 2 mini buns. This gives my hair a nice wave when I arrive instead of using a hair tie and getting a big crease. It’s also easier to sleep in then a ponytail for me at least.

I’m an avid dry shampoo user and a travel sized of the aerosol can is not gonna cut it even on a weekend trip. I really like Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Dry Shampoo because it’s a powder so you don’t have to abide by the 3oz. rule and it’s less messy. It also has a super fresh lemony scent which is nice.


All the primers and long wearing formulas in the world won’t help you look as fresh as this tip. If I’m going to see someone (especially someone who I haven’t seen in a while) a lot of times I’ll fly with just an extra moisturized bare face, but I carry on all my makeup and put on my full face in the bathroom when I arrive. I like to tell myself that this helps prevent plane-induced blemishes as well. This is good for red eyes as well because I can’t wear my sleep mask on top of my mascara- that doesn’t end well.

  • I travel with eye drops because my eyes get super blood shot when traveling. I put them in before doing my makeup!

My parents live on the East Coast and I don’t want them to see me get off the plane and be worried about my well being since I look so haggard. I’ve also done this when going to visit someone I dated long distance. Sometimes I’ll also jazz up my outfit in the bathroom after landing to something a little dressier.

If I’m super early for a short flight (San Francisco, Vegas) sometimes I’ll do my makeup in the bathroom to kill time until we’re ready to board. Same concept- makes my makeup a few hours fresher especially since if I’m going a short distance I’ll probably need to be ready to go out to dinner when I arrive so I like to look presentable. Let’s get real, I have done a full face right in my seat ON the airplane using my tray table as a vanity. This is a last resort but I’ve done it when super pressed for time.


The first thing I do after surviving the TSA line is head over to a Hudson News and buy a very large bottle of water. This is crucial because flying is very dehydrating. It’s also nice to have when I land because I’m always dying of thirst and I can refill it and use it the whole trip since I always carry a bottle of water in my purse. I read a story once about Kristen Stewart picking up Robert Pattinson from the airport in a limo with a bottle of champagne and a pizza and seriously this would be my DREAM. Also lots of very large cold waters please! #relationshipgoals

It’s also a great idea to try to avoid salty foods when flying to prevent some of the in-flight bloating.

One way I save a few bucks and save myself from showing everyone I have no upper body strength is by always bringing a carry on suitcase when possible and then gate checking it when they look for volunteers. No $25 charge for me! And they don’t weigh it then either 😉

If you’re on hormonal birth control consider wearing compression socks to prevent a blood clot. What a fun thing to worry about when going on vacation.

 Embarrassing Beauty Fail at the Airport

So now that I have revealed to you all of the smoke and mirrors that help me keep up the illusion of being flawless despite hours upon hours of travel, I will regale you of one of my most embarrassing airport beauty fails. I was in my early 20s and heading to Vegas for the weekend. In my early 20s I was full of energy and was always doing The Most, so naturally I wanted to arrive in full on weave. I had a head full of clip-in extensions and I’m going through security which I usually feel like an old pro at, but this time the metal detectors went off. The TSA then had to pat down my head and asked me if I was wearing hair extensions. From then on I put the clip-ins in at my destination!

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