Hair Care Tips For Busy Mornings

Hey everyone- We have another guest post by Joana Teixeira today- hair care tips for busy mornings! I totally need this because as I’ve stated before in my Instagram story, I literally spend like 45 minutes on makeup, 3 minutes on hair and 30 seconds on my outfit in the morning. TG Joana is coming through with the tips!! I love the leave-in conditioner tip, I’m so curious to try it!!

As much as we’d all love to sit around each morning drinking fresh coffee, eating avocado toast and endlessly styling our hair, most of the time that just isn’t possible. Mornings tend to be a rush of putting on our clothes and finding something for breakfast before heading out the door as soon as we can. While it may be difficult to ensure your hair looks alright in these circumstances, there are ways to guarantee yourself a good hair day despite the rush. Here’s a rundown of useful hair care tips to make sure your locks look their best even if you don’t have much time.

Dry shampoo is your friend

Dry shampoo really is one of the best hair care tips out there. Before this excellent product was invented those of us with naturally greasy locks had to wash and blow dry every single morning – a total nightmare. These days, simply spritz your hair with this magic stuff and you’ve got instant rejuvenation.

Decide your style the night before

Want to save time in the morning? Make big decisions the night before. It’s all too easy to be completely indecisive before your first coffee of the day. Take out the stress by deciding how you’ll do your hair before going to sleep.

Save time with waves

For those who usually straighten their hair, embracing the wavy look could save you some time. Rather than straightening out every little kink, make those imperfections into your look. Leave slightly damp hair in braids overnight then take out in the morning and use a little sea salt spray to keep things in place. Voila a sexy new style in no time at all.

Leave that conditioner in

Want another of our favorite hair care tips for busy mornings? Use leave-in conditioner rather than the regular stuff. This saves you loads of time in the shower, double rinsing and checking everything is fully washed out. Instead simply spray your hair a couple of times before drying. Quick and easy!

Healthy hair makes mornings quicker

Finally, our last hair care tip isn’t one you can do quickly on a morning, but something that will make things easier overall. If you have healthy hair, cut regularly and in good condition it will be much easier to make it look great even when you have very little time. Do deep conditioning treatments once a week and take care of any split ends, then even when you have zero time in the morning to wash your hair it’ll still look OK.

Those are our top hair care tips for when you’re on the run, whether that’s out to work, school, uni or with the kids. Make sure to have a routine in place with all the hard work done the night before and you can guarantee a good hair day however rushed your mornings might be.


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