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You’ve heard it a million times before. “You have to let that old stuff in your past go before you can move on and find love!” “You must heal yourself in order to come into a new relationship without bringing old baggage!” “You need to cleanse yourself of all of your mistakes and pain in the past in order to move forward into something new and good!” Many people advise processing, cleansing, and healing as vital steps in getting yourself relationship ready, but what they don’t typically tell you is how the hell you are supposed to do those things. Yes therapy and time can help, but there’s also got to be something that we can do immediately and by ourselves to do some healing. That’s where Heal Your Relationship Space comes into play.


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You may remember in my What a Psychic Told Me About My Love Life post that Jusstine Kenzer had mentioned her CD as a way to help us rid ourselves of relationship issues. Jusstine was nice enough to send me a digital copy after my last post and wanted me to share what I thought about it with you all. Here’s an excerpt from the decription on her website:

Everyday we take a shower to clean ourselves off, but no one teaches us how to clean out all the energy, trauma and heartbreak we have experienced over time. We are like an energetic closet that is so filled to the rim, we don’t have any room left to bring in what is new or next. This is what keeps us doing the same thing over and over again each and everyday.

With this simple yet powerful guided eyes closed healing you change what you are attracting, let go of the energy that is no longer serving you, cleaning out your relationship space.

This healing will only positively effect you and the relationships you are in, in addition to helping you to attract more of what you truly want.

So my first thought upon receiving it was I was surprised that it is about 14 minutes long. For some reason I was expecting a longer more drawn out guide with self-help steps one can do to cleanse, but this is actually a guided meditation and after listening to it I think that it is the perfect length because if it was any longer I don’t think I would be able to sit still for that long. I also pictured listening to it in my car everyday until I was “fixed”, but that would actually be a terrible idea because you really want to close your eyes and focus on what she is telling you to imagine.

How it works is that Jusstine talks you through a guided mediation telling you what to envision. I like that she says right off the bat that our minds are going to tell us that we’re doing it wrong or that it’s not working and that’s normal. She talks you through visualizing moving energy out of yourself. Then there is a visualization on letting go of feelings like needing control, approval, and safety and then accepting yourself. It’s not very long so I don’t want to tell you every detail of the visualization, but just know that it’s very simple to do even if you have no experience in meditation and you will definitely feel better after you’re done.

I’m starting to realize why it’s taken me so long to write this review- when I talk about this it sounds very new age-y and as a very logical person myself it’s hard for me to describe things like this without feeling a little silly. If you’re like me, think about any time you’ve ever done a guided meditation or if you’ve never done one maybe you’ve had a similar experience at the end of a yoga class or during a spin class when the instructor has you visualize facing your challenges as a mountain you’re climbing on the bike and pushing through the pain because you know you’re worth it, etc. When you’ve been in these situations it may have made you feel a little silly or uncomfortable, but it always feels good. Meditation is a great way to give you a sense of calm, relaxation, and stress reduction. It also lets you stop from your busy life and focus on yourself and your feelings.

Bottom line: I really enjoyed this CD. I felt more calm and peaceful as well as just more content overall every time after I listened to it. It’s a simple way to work on yourself for less than 15 minutes a day. I think it would especially help if you’ve just gone through a bad break up and feel like shit and don’t know what to do. It would also be great for someone whose relationship is causing them a lot of anxiety. I would recommend this CD to anyone regardless of their relationship status and plan on continuing to listen to it. You can purchase Heal Your Relationship Space on Jusstine’s website. It’s $25 to download instantly and $30 to purchase by mail. I originally downloaded on my iPhone and then couldn’t find the file later so I would recommend downloading it on your computer.

If you end up trying out this CD let me know what you think!

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