The Ultimate Breakup and Recovery Guide

Break up pain is the worst. The sadness, feelings of loss, the disappointment, fear, and hole you feel inside of your heart can be all too real. It can feel like you’ll never recover. Or if you do, you’ll never find someone as good or ever be as happy as you once were. Add a healthy dose of self loathing and “What did I do wrong!?” on top of that and you are under a garbage heap of feelings that it can feel impossible to ever escape.

Want to figure out why you broke up, do’s and don’ts for short term and long term recovery from a break up, what the hell you’re supposed to do now?, if things will ever get better, or how to improve your self-esteem that feels like it’s in the toilet? This is the post for you. Or maybe you are thinking “Why am I even reading this? I’m smart I can get over this it will just take time.” Keep reading to find out why you can’t overcome a breakup with just logic. Continue reading “The Ultimate Breakup and Recovery Guide”

Heal Your Relationship Space Review

You’ve heard it a million times before. “You have to let that old stuff in your past go before you can move on and find love!” “You must heal yourself in order to come into a new relationship without bringing old baggage!” “You need to cleanse yourself of all of your mistakes and pain in the past in order to move forward into something new and good!” Many people advise processing, cleansing, and healing as vital steps in getting yourself relationship ready, but what they don’t typically tell you is how the hell you are supposed to do those things. Yes therapy and time can help, but there’s also got to be something that we can do immediately and by ourselves to do some healing. That’s where Heal Your Relationship Space comes into play.


heal relationship space

You may remember in my What a Psychic Told Me About My Love Life post that Jusstine Kenzer had mentioned her CD as a way to help us rid ourselves of relationship issues. Jusstine was nice enough to send me a digital copy after my last post and wanted me to share what I thought about it with you all. Here’s an excerpt from the decription on her website:

Everyday we take a shower to clean ourselves off, but no one teaches us how to clean out all the energy, trauma and heartbreak we have experienced over time. We are like an energetic closet that is so filled to the rim, we don’t have any room left to bring in what is new or next. This is what keeps us doing the same thing over and over again each and everyday.

With this simple yet powerful guided eyes closed healing you change what you are attracting, let go of the energy that is no longer serving you, cleaning out your relationship space.

This healing will only positively effect you and the relationships you are in, in addition to helping you to attract more of what you truly want.

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