Selfie Secrets Part Two – Shayla Taught Me


Since my Kim Kardashian‘s Selfie Secrets post has been getting a lot of love lately, I thought everyone might be interested in some tips from another selfie queen- @MakeupShayla from Instagram and YouTube. Here’s the video that inspired this post:

Shayla’s Selfie Tips:

Shayla’s Tip #1: Wear Spanx. While I disagree about the Spanx, I appreciate the hustle of the sponsored video. The dresses I wear are not that short, but yet Spanx are always trying to hang out of the bottom? Anyone else??

Shayla’s Tip #2: Wear sunglasses only as needed. Ugh THIS is how those girls do it!! In LA it’s sunny everyday and driving around sans sunnies is a great way to damage your eyes and get crows feet ASAP, but I guess Shayla takes a lot of Ubers to events so she can skip those annoying spots sunglasses leave on your nose.

Shayla’s Tip #3: Keep your nails polished. I haven’t figured out how girls can do both this and have a super clean apartment since mine always chip when I’m cleaning, but I agree having manicured hands is a quick and cheap pick me up to make you feel more polished. I’ve posted before about my favorite nail salon in LA. I’ve seen Arika Sato and Marianna Hewitt there so I know it’s a hot spot.

Shayla’s Tip #4: Face the light when taking selfies. Yup I’ve preached this before in the Kim K Selfie post, on my IG, on my Snapchat, everywhere. Indirect natural sunlight is a major key! I recently saw another YouTube video that had a suggestion I need to try ASAP: When it’s a sunny day and you’re trying to take a photo, close your eyes and look towards the sun for a few seconds, then look away and when you open your eyes they will be more adjusted to the light and you won’t squint!

Shayla’s Tip #5: Have your camera angled slightly above you tilted down. Yup I’ve been doing this one for a while, it’s the most flattering angle to make you look slimmer.

Shayla’s Tip #6: When taking a selfie on an iPhone touch the screen first to focus on your face. It’s funny how many things I’ve been doing for years so they seem obvious to me, but then you have someone else take a photo and they have no clue and you realize all the different tricks you use are just second nature at this point. But yeah, focus the camera.

Shayla’s Tip #7: To do a duck lips photo, just slightly pout your lips. I feel like only Shayla is cool enough to pull this off without looking like an idiot,  but I will absolutely be trying it ASAP.

Shayla’s Tip #8: For a smize/resting bitch face photo smile the tiniest bit so the sides of your mouth turn up. Fierce.

Shayla’s Tip #9: When taking a photo of yourself looking away if you look at something close you will look cross-eyed, so focus on something far away. Holy shit. Life changing. Try it yourself. Shayla is a queen.

Shayla’s Tip #10: For a nicer camera, use the Sony A5100. Shayla is a BIG reason why I use the Sony A5100 and it was worth every damn penny. The beauty filter that smooths you and auto adjusts color is priceless. The camera can wirelessly transfer photos to your phone immediately even if there is no wifi which is great. It works really well in low light which is important because your makeup is usually looking the best at night time. It also takes photos quickly so you can get a whole bunch of options faster without feeling like a moron for taking selfies in public. I HIGHLY recommend this camera.

Shayla’s Tip #11: Sit up straight. Yup, great tip. Serve that face and body.

Shayla’s Tip #12: Encourage your friends. This is a good general life tip even when your friends aren’t taking selfies, build each other up!

Shayla’s Tip #13: Don’t try to compete with your friends. Yup, help your girlfriends out. Be sweet about it though so you’re also doing #12 and encouraging your friends. Strut and slay together.

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