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Sexy Series - How to smell sexy

Welcome to another installment of the Sexy Series today I’m going to talk about something very important- how to smell sexy. Now for some this may seem like common sense, but even I have had to search a bit to find perfumes, lotions, etc. that smell sexy.

Make Your Skin and Hair Smell Sexy

You want to start at the same place we started when making our homes sexy– cleaning. Guys you should be showering before a date because it takes you about 3 seconds. Ladies you don’t have to wash your hair before every date (who has time for that??), but if your date does fall on a day that you will be lathering up some sexy smelling drugstore shampoo I recommend is John Frieda Full Repair (this also has great reviews BTW). Victoria Secret used to have a line of hair care products called So Sexy that did in fact smell incredibly sexy and elicited many compliments, but unfortunately it’s not available anymore (except for on Amazon and Ebay).

An unexpected place to find sexy scents- Bath and Body Works. Ok don’t laugh I swear this is some of the best stuff for smelling sexy! You may not have stepped into Bath and Body Works since middle school, but they really have some great products that you need to rediscover. One that my BFF introduced me to was the scent Twilight Woods. One the website they describe the scent as “The warmth and mystery of enchanted woods with an enticing blend of apricot nectar, mimosa petals & Tuscan cypress” and I would agree and say it smells warm, sweet, and sultry. I have most of the products available in this scent (body wash, body scrub, body spray, candle), but I especially make sure to use the lotion before a date because it’s super moisturizing, the scent is strong enough that you can actually smell it, and it pairs well with most of my perfumes.

Bath and Body Works also has excellent candles and if you love cologne-type smells or if you’re a man and want your home to smell nice and masculine check out “Mahogany Teakwood“. Even that name makes me think of a lumberjack with a beard. I love this scent so much I have it in my room and car as well.

Sexy Perfumes

I have such a hard time finding perfumes I like. I find most of them smell too flowery or sugary-sweet to be sexy, but one brand that consistently makes sexy scents is Dolce & Gabbana. “The One” is more feminine, warm, and sweet.

Dolce & Gabbana “Desire” is a bit more musky, seductive, and floral.

Another duo of sexy scents comes from Elizabeth and James in the form of Nirvana White and Nirvana Black. Both are sexy and on the musky side with Nirvana Black smelling almost like a cologne. I didn’t like these two and didn’t understand the hype in the beginning, but all of a sudden I can’t get enough of both.

One of my friends made an excellent point about perfumes recently when she said “No one’s ever complimented me on a perfume that came out of a rollerball.” and it was a mini-epiphany for me that she was totally right. Even though rollerballs are convenient and affordable, if you want that smell to entice someone you’re going to have to use a spray. I personally spray perfume on my wrists, chest, and a little extra on my hair and neck so when I go in to give someone a hug they get a whiff.

Sexiest smelling perfumes


The Morning After

When you wake up next to your SO you might already have thought of quickly going to the bathroom before they wake up to brush your teeth and fix your hair. If you sprayed on perfume at that time it might smell too intense. A more subtle way to make sure you smell sexy? Put on some deodorant. It has a pleasant scent, will mask anything not-so-fresh, and won’t seem like you’re trying too hard. I for one think that most men’s deodorants smell as good if not better than cologne. For your breath be sure to brush your tongue and use some mouth wash if it’s handy.

Smokers Besides always carrying gum or mints another way to get rid of the smell of smoke on you is to use hand sanitizer.

Don’t forget your car. Gym bag and shoes in the trunk boys. A clean car that smells like your cologne is ideal. Girls too, throw away those empty water bottles and spritz your seats with a few sprays of perfume!

The worst things I’ve smelled on a date

Unfortunately I’ve been out with far too many guys who have had too much to drink either on our date or even worse before our date who smell like they are sweating out beer or whisky. I’ve also had a guy come pick me up with his car reeking of weed which did not leave me feeling too safe. Bad breath is never good especially if your teeth don’t look… clean. Dental hygiene is crucial people and you should be brushing (and flossing!) before a date. Hands that smell like cigarettes are not sexy. In my opinion a scent can really make or break a date. A guy that’s super cleaned up with nice cologne on and great breath is super attractive.

What scents do you think smell the sexiest?

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