Sharing the Love – My Favorite Valentine’s Day Tutorials

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! I wanted to share some love today by showing you my favorite Valentine’s Day tutorials. These definitely can be worn any day of the year, but I wanted to show you them to share some inspo:

I LOVED this look by LoveMelisaMichelle because it’s sexy and super GLAM for those girls looking for a very full face look it’s kind of similar to my Jade Smokey Eye look:

I’m all about that gold glitter life and I’m loving this YouTuber with a growing channel I recently found named BabsBeauty she is like a barbie! I’m also obsessed with her hair in this video:

Another growing channel I’m loving is Nikki French’s. She’s another real life barbie and I have no idea why her videos don’t have wayyy more views. She is super glam and not afraid to GO for it. She uses tons of affordable and drugstore makeup as well in her videos check her out:

One more growing channel I have been loving is MakeItUpWithSamantha who did a very pretty look using some affordable eyeshadows:

This was a stand-out video in terms of creativity and editing it was awesome! The look by LustreLux is flawless as per usual:


If you’re looking for something simple Lauren Curtis did a nice soft look:


Msroshposh also did a really gorgeous soft look:

Even if you’re not going out tonight or don’t have any plans why not give yourself a beat down for the makeup gawds and post it on Insty to make all of your exes miss you ;). Be sure to check out my most recent posts for last minute Valentine’s Day outfit ideas, Valentine’s Day events for singles, and creative Valentine’s Day ideas. I love you!

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