Tips to Survive Cuffing Season


The air is getting colder and the desire to spend Sunday afternoons snuggled on the couch with someone is increasing rapidly.  This can only mean one thing, we are now approaching Cuffing Season. Summer is a great time to hang out with friends, spend your days at the beach and embrace your single self.  However, once the temperature drops, you’re on the hunt for a cuddle buddy to cuff for the winter months. The truth is, you don’t know if this relationship will survive the snowy season, but you also don’t want to be the only person without a date to your friend’s NYE party.  Keep reading for tips on what you can do to ensure you cuff the person you want to spend your “Netflix and chill” time with.

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Change Up Your Look for Cuffing Season

Whether you go from blonde to brunette or you add a bit of color to your normally all black wardrobe, mixing up your look can certainly aid in cuffing a significant other.  Start with small changes and work your way up. The most important thing to remember when trying to attract a partner is that if you feel your best on the inside, those feelings will radiate externally.  It doesn’t hurt to step out of your comfort zone and experiment. Experimenting may lead you to find something you always thought you hated is something you actually love!

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Practice Self-Care This Cuffing Season

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you should throw your beauty routine out the window!  Contrary to popular belief, being in a relationship requires even more self-care than being single!  From shaving tools [literally the only razor that doesn’t nick me] to face masks [my faves – the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask and Kate Somerville ExfoliKate] and everything in between, it’s crucial to keep up on your beauty schedule in order to feel and look like your best self!  

Once you cuff your guy, it’s important he keeps up on his grooming routine as well! Luckily there are plenty of products out there to help keep his hair, skin and nails in good shape!  After all, you can’t be the only good looking one in the relationship!

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Stay in For Date Night During Cuffing Season

Depending on where you live, a date night during Cuffing Season may mean braving some pretty crazy weather.  Freezing temperatures and precipitation can totally defeat the purpose of picking out a great outfit and doing your hair and makeup.  The good news is, you can avoid all of this by planning a fun night indoors! Cook a special dinner, cue up your streaming device with some rom coms, get a nice fire going and just relax!  The beauty of it all is that staying in is the perfect excuse to wear your comfy clothes!

Bonus tip: If the kitchen isn’t your comfort zone, order from your favorite take out spot! Not having to cook will give you guys more time to get cozy on the couch! 

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Keep it Fun and Stay Positive During Cuffing Season

If you want your relationship to last past March, keep things light!  It’s okay to take this relationship seriously, but not so much that you scare your partner away.  Cuffing Season is an awesome time to get to know your significant other and try to lock things down.  Don’t let your crazy come out and send them running! Keep a positive attitude and maintain self-care while the relationship is young and you should have no problem carrying it through for the long haul!     

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