Jessie James Decker's hair color is absolutely stunning! The even more amazing thing is that she did it at home! Find out how to get these honey dipped ombre highlights at home just like Jessie!

Jessie James Decker Ombre Blonde Highlights at Home

This one I thought long and hard about before taking the plunge and highlighting my hair at home, but per usual Jessie James Decker came THRU!

Since I’m already blonde I used the Revlon Frost & Glow Highlighting Kit that I bought at Target and it looks like this:

Don’t worry, if you follow Jessie’s tutorial your hair will NOT end up like this!!

The deep conditioner in this kit is so incredible. If anyone knows one that I can buy that is similar please let me know!! It made my hair SO silky. The instructions in the kit recommend asking a friend for help and I concur!! Especially the first time you do it. A friend will help you make sure you are applying the highlights evenly all over your head.

Since I love doing research before trying something new I found this video which helped me a lot as well:

The main thing this video drives home is the tip of teasing the hair with your fingers to blend the color. This is so important!!

My only regret I have from doing this is not leaving the solution on for longer! My hair is naturally an ashy blonde that always lifts to a very pretty lighter blonde quite easily (according to every hair dresser that has highlighted my hair) so I kind of wish I would have gone all in and waited for it to get even lighter then it is. Besides that I’m SO happy with the results. My ends were already a little dead and need a trim so the process didn’t really fry my hair too much. I feel like it’s added so much more life to my hair and is so much more interesting to look at now!

I still can't believe I did these blonde ombre highlights at home for less than $15! I used the same kit as Jessie James Decker recommends and they turned out great!
My hair after following Jessie James Decker’s highlight tutorial

I’m wearing Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Lovecraft ($21) in this photo- so pretty!


Me before and after highlighting my hair using Jessie James Decker's blonde ombre highlight tutorial

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